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Floor Mats

 Floor Mats

Floor mats and floor liners serve generally the same purpose, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. Both will protect your floors from dirt, spills and stains, and are a great way to give your well-loved interior a bit of a face lift. But there are some notable differences that distinguish the two. Which style is right for you all depends on what kind of protection you need in your vehicle.Floor mats, whether universal or custom-fit, are flat pieces typically constructed of rubber, carpet or vinyl, that fit directly in place of your existing factory mats. Like floor liners, floor mats feature channels and ridges to trap spills and liquids and keep your interior carpet stain- and smell-free. Floor mats are a functional and economic choice for the regular driver who doesn’t want wet footprints or spilled snacks all over their floor boards.Floor liners, on the other hand, feature a tall, raised outer lip that is perfectly contoured to your vehicle’s floorboards. Liners are usually more rigid and offer greater coverage than floor mats for the ultimate in wall-to-wall protection, making them the perfect choice if you’re frequently tracking mud, snow, or job site gunk into your vehicle.



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Custom fitted floor mats and floor liners provide your vehicle’s carpet with superior protection from mud, dirt, spills, stains, oil and other debris. Custom molded floor mats will keep your carpet looking like new for the lifetime of your vehicle.

The Car Salons’ selection of molded floor mats are not your typical floor mats. Each application is vehicle specific and available in a variety of colors to match your interior. Both the heavy and standard duty floor mats feature a raised embossing to keep messes contained and away from your feet. The heavy duty mats are especially great during Alberta’s winter months at holding the snow that melts off of boots and shoes!


Check out our wide-ranging variety of floor mats and liners, available in numerous colors and materials, including carpet, rubber and all-weather options. Custom-designed specifically for your vehicle, our car mats sport a perfect fit and boost your interior’s style.








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