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Banners are one of our most popular sellers at The Sign Salon.  Their versatility and economic cost make them an ideal solution for many situations.  They can be finished to almost any size, and made suitable to demanding indoor or outdoor applications. Banners are used as a vibrant sign to draw attention to a new in-store display, boosting the moral in the office with graphics, as an outdoor sign to let the community know you are open and ready for business. Advertising banners are a popular choice to make a big impression and announce special events. These banners generate excitement and high visibility. Generally they are used by  companies to attract and motivate customers. There are advertisements of products like soaps, shampoos, etc. These are very popular with the corporate sector for making glamour world announcements and launch of big magazines and products. By incorporating photos, full colour designs and computer graphics you a bigger impact compared to the traditional cut vinyl banners. Advertising banners are cost effective and reusable and promote or advertise your organization or its products.


Roll Stock Banners:

Our roll stock come in 2ft , 3ft and 4ft heights, and can be finished to any length you need.  They are pre-grommeted every 2ft for use in hanging or fastening.  The a 16oz material are generally used for outdoor applications.


Digitally Printed Banners:

Don’t limit yourself, print your message in vibrant color and full detail.  You can print high resolution photos, backgrounds and detail that give them a distinct look.  We can digitally print on many difference banner materials 3m Canada being one.


Digitally Printed Mesh See-Thru Banners:

These are an ideal banner for many outdoor applications while also giving a unique look.  The result of the fine “mesh” is that the banner is “semi-transparent” or see-thru.  This is an effective solution for applications like construction sites that want to advertise a building or development on the exterior, but still allow people to see what progress is being made.  Mesh banners allow you to have full printed graphics and backgrounds, while delivering your message.