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Our History as a Front-Runner in In-Vehicle Equipment Means We will Continue to Visualize the Future.

Clarion’s history is closely tied to the history of the automobile industry itself.

As a worldwide front-runner who created Japan’s first car radio and Japan’s first car stereo, Clarion has always led the field in any era.

We give top priority to understanding driver needs and supporting them through sure technology, as well as steadfastly proposing unique new products based upon our advanced creativity.

From car radio to audio-visual devices and beyond to car navigation systems, although times may change, we will continue to pursue the “ideal interface for music and information” for the car as well as all other mobile environments, as “Clarion H.M.I.”

Origin of the company name

The name “Clarion” comes from a bugle-like wind instrument used in ancient Greece. It was first used as a brand name in 1947 while our company was still named “Teikoku Dempa”. We wanted to choose a name that was familiar and easy to remember, and in English, taking into consideration future exports. In searching for a name, we even consulted the TV host of a popular English lesson show and sent questionnaires to native English speakers. Subsequently, the company name was changed from “Teikoku Dempa” to “Clarion” to coincide with our listing in the first section of the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges.

Bringing Clarion Quality to the World through the Networked Strengths of Our People, Products, and Information.

AV-integrated HDD navigation system, anticipated for its advanced potential and its spread onto the global market after having matured in Japan as an in-vehicle information terminal.

AV lineup, enabling integration with various digital equipment such as iPod®*.

Community bus automatic guidance systems, as well as driver safety support systems with CCD cameras.

We offer everything from OEM products supplied to car manufacturers to after-market products in a speedy and timely manner based on Clarion’s global network that encompasses product planning, design, sourcing, production, sales and service.


Clarion has received praise for both its consumer products and OEM products for the automobile industry. Below is a list of the many awards that the Company has been presented with.


The European multimedia model of the MAX678RVD is selected as European In Car A/V Head Unit 2007-2008.

Corporate Commitment

Clarion strives to improve society by seeking to develop the relationship between sound,information, and human interaction, and by creating products to meet those needs.

Management Commitment

  • Providing customer satisfaction and happiness with superior products and services.
  • Creating new value with original ideas and technology.
  • Respecting the individuality and ability of each employee, and establishing a corporate culture of generosity.
  • Maintaining a strong awareness of our place in nature and a commitment to the environment.
  • Fulfilling our responsibility, as a corporate citizen, for better society.
  • Pursuing corporate profitability and sustained growth.

Action Commitment

  • “AMBITION”- We seek to continually improve ourselves through self innovation and courage.
  • “CREATIVITY”- We foster creativity and work to produce new value and to turn dreams into reality.
  • “SINCERITY” – We work diligently in good faith to prove ourselves worthy of people’s trust.


Corporate Vision

A Vision of a Future that’s Leaps and Bounds Ahead. Creating the Next Stage with the Power of Dreams. Clarion has continued to lead the industry as the front-runner among dedicated manufacturers of in-vehicle equipment. Now, as we look back upon the path we have traveled thus far, we feel the urge to make a fresh start. Our new corporate vision, “Vision-70”, was created out of this desire, expressing the ideals we must strive for as we look toward our company’s 70th anniversary in 2010: In an environment of “Mobile-Infoentertainment” where people can enjoy sound and information in their cars, we will create products that emphasize a “Fresh Feeling of Safety” and “Fresh Pleasure” and provide excitement and satisfaction to our customers.

The “company of value” in the coming age will not solely pursue profit, but will thoroughly fulfill its corporate responsibilities, be trusted by all of society and not mention its customers, and be viewed as an indispensable enterprise.

Therefore, one of our responsibilities is to send a clear message to society about the path we ourselves are to follow. Clarion regards our new corporate vision, “Vision-70”, as a commitment to society, and all staffs of whole group have already started moving toward a new ideal and target.


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