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Kenwood KDC-BT855U


Built-In Bluetooth Hands-Free - Bluetooth wireless technology promotes safe driving habits by allowing you to have a hands-free conversation while you drive without the need to hold a phone.  Incoming calls can be set to pick up automatically or at the touch of a button if you prefer to screen incoming calls.  For outgoing calls, you can choose to dial out by scrolling through your phonebook on the easy to read display interface or by voice dialing if enabled on your compatible smartphone.Built-In Bluetooth A2DP Music Streaming - Enjoy wireless music playback from your Bluetooth device like a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth through your in-dash receiver.

Check for Bluetooth phone compatibility at

Siri Eyes Free™ & Voice Dialing Support - Easy 1-touch access to Apple’s Siri for total convenience of voice control for dialing, text messaging, email, music playback and a host of other voice supported functions on the iPhone 4S/5. Voice dialing functionality is also compatible with other device platforms from Android and BlackBerry.
  USB Connectivity for iPhone, iPod and compatible USB mass storage devices – Most USB-enabled CD receiver models, feature USB connectivity for audio playback from popular devices like iPhone and iPod.  Featuring easy-to-use user interface, iPod browsing is a breeze when searching by playlist, artist, album, song, genres or composer.  Additionally, you can use advanced search functions like Reverse Browsing, Alphabet Search and Skip Search to find what you want to listen to, quickly and easily.  For added versatility, App/iPod Mode disables the receiver’s integrated control, enabling passengers to control the iPod manually including some selected Apps.  The same USB connectivity allows users to connect USB thumb drives and external hard disk drives.

Check for iPhone-iPod compatibility at

Pandora Connectivity – Install the Pandora App for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and enjoy a personalized listening experience.A number of Pandora functions can be controlled from a Pandora-enabled Kenwood receiver when an iPhone is connected through USB.  For Android and BlackBerry smartphones, controls are done via Bluetooth A2DP.  Functions include Thumbs up & down, Bookmark Artist, Bookmark Song, A to Z search and Alphabetical channel search.  Pandora allows users to maximize the internet radio experience in your car by customizing all of your favourite artists for a rich musical experience.

Pandora application requires a data connection on your smartphone with service currently only available in the U.S.

Aha Radio for iPhone/Android – Aha Radio organizes your favourite personalized content from the web along with on-demand internet radio stations using your phone’s data plan and makes them easily accessible in the car through the on-screen interface.

Aha Radio for iPhone requires a wired connection via USB.  Aha Radio for Android requires a wireless Bluetooth connection.  For more information, please visit .

iHeart Radio for iPhone/Android – iHeart Radio is an all-in-one digital radio service with access to more than 1,500 live stations across the USA using your phone’s data plan and makes them easily accessible in the car through the on-screen interface..  Browse by music genre or location, or personalize your own Custom Station. 

iHeart Radio for iPhone requires a wired connection via USB.  iHeart Radio for Android requires a wireless Bluetooth connection.  iHeart radio application requires a data connection on your smartphone with service currently only available in the U.S. . For more information, please visit .

SiriusXM Ready – Connect, control and enjoy satellite radio from SiriusXM, including new SiriusXM XTRA Channels (USA only) with a single direct connection to a compatible CD receiver with optional SiriusXM tuner SXV200.  Compatible 2013 CD receivers can also take advantage of the SXV200 advanced features such as TuneStart™, Smart Favorites™, artist/song/game alerts, iTunes tagging or SiriusXM Replay™.

*Runs exclusively on the XM network. XM subscription required.

Kenwood Music Control for Android Smartphones – This free Kenwood application found on Google Play organizes your music and provides quick and easy music search capability from any 2013 USB/CD receiver.  Once installed on a compatible Android smartphone which supports mass storage mode, you will be able to search by artist, song or genre as well as select music based on your mood.This free Kenwood App can now be downloaded from Google Play web site:

Kenwood Music Control App for Android

  Dual USB Inputs – A front panel mounted USB and a rear USB input mounted on an extension cable will support multiple devices at the same time.  A LED status indicator for “Rear USB” is found on the front panel confirming if a device is connected.Check for compatibility and digital audio file specs at
  Multi-Line Text DisplayThe 3-Line Full Dot LCD display makes it easy to navigate through your radio or satellite radio presets, iPod content lists, USB music folders or phonebook contacts.  Featuring positive and negative display modes to get improved viewing under different lighting conditions.
Three 4V Pre-outs with Crossover System – Get the most out of your external power amplifiers by delivering 4V high voltage audio signal to maximize sonic performance.  Using the built-in crossover system, you can also easily filter out unwanted frequencies to your speakers and subwoofers to tune your system to its maximum potential.
  Steering Wheel Remote Input – Many factory systems offer control of the factory-fit audio system from buttons on your steering wheel.  Unfortunately, this functionality is sacrificed when installing an aftermarket audio system.Install a commercially available steering-wheel interface and maintain control of functions such as volume up/down and track up/track down as well as Bluetooth voice dialing. This increases the convenience of using your system and increases driver safety to another level.
Remote Control – This wireless remote control easily control volume levels, switch music sources or select your favorite tracks with the numeric access keys.
Firmware Updates – The operating system is updateable via free downloadable software from Kenwood’s support sites.  Firmware downloads assist in maintaining system performance when using external devices and emerging technologies.Latest firmware updates are available at .
Back Panel View



Display 3-Line Full Dot LCD
-  Variable Color Illumination Display/Key Illumination (256 Colors)
-  Spectrum Analyzer Yes
-  Contrast Control Yes
-  Display Customize -
-  Built-in Yes
-  Hands-Free Support Yes
-  Auto Phonebook Download Yes
-  A2DP Support Yes
-  AVRCP Yes
-  aha Radio App Control Yes (For Compatible iPhone / Android Devices)
-  iHeart Radio App Control Yes (For Compatible Smartphones) – USA Only
-  SMS Support -
-  Built-in Microphone -
-  External Wired Microphone Yes
-  Made For iPhone Yes
-  iPod USB 1Wire Connection Yes
-  Reverse Browsing Yes
-  Alphabet Search Yes
-  Skip Search Yes
-  Related Search Yes
-  High Speed Search Yes
-  Direct Search Yes
-  All Random Yes
-  Album Art Browsing -
-  iPod EQ Mode (FLAT) Yes
USB Front / Rear USB Inputs
-  USB Mounting Kit Included -
-  Microsoft ZUNE Connection -
-  Microsoft Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) -
Internal Memory -
-  Supported File Formats WMA / MP3 / AAC
-  24-Bit Digital-Analog Converter Yes
-  0-Bit Mute Circuit Yes
-  AM/FM Yes
-  RBDS Yes
-  Radio TEXT Plus Yes
AUX Inputs Front AUX Input
-  Tone Fader Bass / Tre / Mid -
-  EQ
  –  System Q-EX -
  –  System Q Yes
  –  Graphic Equalizer -
  –  Parametric Equalizer -
  –  Bass Boost Yes
-  Crossover High-Pass/Low-Pass Filters
-  DSP
  –  Digital Time Alignment -
  –  Sound Management System -
  –  DSP Bass Boost -
  –  iPod EQ Select Mode -
-  Supreme Supreme
Pre-out 3Pre 4.0V @ 600Ω
Audio / Video Output -
Sub Woofer Reference Control Interface Yes
Built-in Amp Cut Off Yes
Dual Zone (Front / Rear Switchable) -
External Media Control
-  SiriusXM SXi Interface (Optional SXV-100/200 Tuner)
-  Sirius Control -
-  XM Control -
-  HD Radio Control -
-  iPod I/F Control -
-  Bluetooth Control -
-  Changer Control -
External Interface
-  Steering Wheel Control Interface Optional
-  Marine Remote Control Interface Optional KCA-RC35MR
-  Parking Brake Sensor -
Remote Control Included
Conformal Coated PCB -
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