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The Car Salon automotive detailing division. Provides Calgary’s community with a solution for people with a busy schedule. When you have little time to take care of your car or truck. Perhaps your vehicle has been neglected so long that you’ve said “Good-bye” to that showroom look . Don’t worry – The Car Salon can help. With our complete automotive detailing service! We can even bring “long gone” vehicle back to showroom condition. I am amazed on how we can transform a car that has not been taken care of. After purchasing a vehicle, the first thing I want to do is clean it up. I want to feel like it is a new car cause it is really new to me. So you can feel comfortable in getting in your car. I want it to look clean and smell great. We can do that for you. Give you peace of mind and comfort.  We use all Meguiar’s product to give you that clean fresh look. If you like to detail your car yourself, we carry the Meguiar’s product for the do it yourself kind of person.

We provide 3 stages of car detailing and each package looks after certain things.

Automotive Detailing Stage 1

Stage 1 is for that quick upkeep. Providing an exterior wash, windows inside and out , and a complete vacuum of mats, seats, and carpets.

Automotive Detailing Stage 2

Stage 2 takes a little longer but provides much more. Starts with all items in Stage 1, but includes.  A complete wash and wipe down of the interior and all vinyl panels. We then use Renew to give it that new look.  Renew is a product that does not contain silicon and there for will not dry out your dash and panels. We also wash the tires and use Tire Dressing which is a Meguiar’s Product.  This keeps the tires soft and moist. Not only does it look good it also protects the rubber from cracking.

Automotive Detailing Stage 3

Stage 3 takes a approximately 4 hours to do the complete job.  It includes all items in Stage 1 and Stage 2. Plus we now do a complete shampoo of the vehicle. We also take care of all the heat and air vents making sure to blow out and clean them.

Good vehicle care requires proper application of high-quality products. The basic rejuvenation process starts with simple interior work (such as vacuuming, cleaning glass, leather treatment or fabric protection, stain removal and interior shampoo) and ends with an exterior wash, wax and buffing or maybe even an engine shampoo and paint protection.

Combine the many materials found in todays automobiles and the wide range of environmental hazards to which we expose our vehicles too, it takes a broad spectrum of surface care solutions to treat them all. Just as a master mechanic’s tool chest holds many different types of wrenches, screwdrivers and other items to fix your vehicle.The Car Salon automotive detailing division in Calgary,Alberta over the years have devolped many secrets to solve those stuborn stains, paint blemishs and contanments that other shops in the industry just say it can’t be fixed.

We hope we can help you bring your car back to its original condition or give your new car the protection and look it deserves.

The Car Salon provides a comprehensive range of products to care for every auto surface. Whether it’s for paint, plastic, rubber or metal.

Keep that new vehicle new… or that old one looking like new!

If you are looking for a power polish . If you are the type of person that like to do it yourself, we sell power polishers if you have a new vehicle and wanted to get a protection package. Please click the links.

Additional Automotive Detailing ServicesWe use Meguiar's products when providing Automotive Detailing.

  • Urine/Vomit/Blood
  • Extra Dirty/Rush Job
  • Pet hair/Stains
  • Headliner
  • Odor Removal
  • Mouse Droppings
  • Truck Box
  • Bio Hazard

Please ask one of our detail specialists for a quote upon visual inspection.

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