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Protection Packages

Protection Packages

You have just purchased your brand new vehicle, you’re PROUD of it,

now PROTECT IT.Protection Packages, pro packs

This a procedure that I believe is money well spent. Buying a vehicle is 2nd largest purchase investment a person can spend their hard earned money on. So in my opinion this is well worth every cent. This will help hold the value on your vehicle, until you are ready to sell it. Therefore you will get the maximum value for your car. Not only is this protection package value.  We do a lot of the dealership in the city that charge triple the price of what we charge. So you can save your time and all so you can save your money. This protection packages keep your brand new car, brand new.  The Car Salon has the experience and expertise to offer the ultimate in a Total Vehicle Protection Package, regardless of make or model of your vehicle. Our services are applied by trained professionals who specialize in Protection Packages. It is this specialization that allows us to offer our Packages at prices that are often much less than at the dealership.

The Car Salon Protection Package (Pro-Pack) is designed for new or pre owned vehicles. These protective measures will keep your new vehicle looking it’s very best. Not only does it look great but it helps to retain resale value as well. Get more out of your new vehicle with a Protection Package from The Car Salon. Using Rust Check will help safeguard the vehicle from the onset of rust under the vehicle and in the door panels.  This product does not harden or dry, it is always moving into the cracks and crevices. Therfore giving your vehicle the best protection posible. This application is applied to every panel bumper to bumper. Rust check has to be applied every year to recieve the warranty provided by Rust Check Canada. Meguiar’s protects the paint keeping your paint surface shining. It also provides a barrier against the elements and contaminates. On the interior, we use a DuPont protectant. It protects your fabric and cloth surfaces to provide protection against stains and spills.  Leather Protection using Meguiar’s leather conditioner so your leather is soft & conditioned not hard and cracking. Our Undercoat Protection is a tar based product.  It is applied to the under carriage of the vehicle. Used to protect the frame from rusting. Undercoating also provides a slight sound barrier as well as a thicker coat to protect the frame. With a second application of our Undercoat product you will notice a reduction of road noise making your ride more enjoyable. If you do not want everything done in the package, you can choose just what you want or the full meal deal. The complete protection package gives you great value for you money.

I can not say enough about this package except if you love you vehicle protect it. Beat the rusties….. before the rusties beat you.

If you would like more protection for your vehicle. Please check out our paint protection film packages that are applied to the front end of your vehicle.

Our Protection Package Incudes all of the following:

  • Paint Protection using Meguiar’s Product (Wax)
  • Leather Protection using Meguiar’s Product
  • Fabric Protection
  • Rust Check Classic (a service that should be repeated annualy)
  • Undercoat / Coat & Protect (combo)
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