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vehicle-undercoatingVehicle Undercoating in Calgary

Undercoating the underside of your vehicle is the area most exposed to the elements of the road. Where gravel, road salts and other contaminates accumulate. Although seldom seen, is the most exposed gravel, sand, road salts and other contaminates accumulate in nooks, crannies and on the metal surfaces. These abrasions expose bare metal where the salt and moisture starts to rust. This undercoating protection is a rubber and petroleum based product that seals the under carriage. This makes it less susceptible.

The Undercoating is also sprayed in the fender wells. and the undercarriage that is exposed. Protecting the exposed metal. It is not sprayed on moving parts or areas that mechanics need access too.

An added benefit of this undercoating layer is it reduces road noises transmitted into the interior of the vehicle. The insulation it provides helps deaden some of the tire noise and cling and clangs of the road making for a quieter driving experience. The Car Salon has technicians trained and experienced in applying undercoating.

Why Undercoat Your Vehicle?

  • Rust Proof the Under Carriage and exposed metal in fender wells
  • Help Reduce Road Noise
  • Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle
  • Most dealerships sell undercoating packages to customers that cost up to 3 times more.


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