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as-1880Remote Starter One Way
Autostart AS-1880FM includes FM technology and will provide maximum range and better immunity against RF interference. Autostart AS-1880FM model programmable 5th button operates as a stop button.


  • Two 5-Button SUPER SLIM FM Transmitters
  • Up to 3500 ft / 1070 m of range
  • Monopole antenna with embedded bright-blue LED
  • Safe start
  • Swap start
  • Home valet mode
  • Remote controlled valet mode
  • Ignition controlled valet mode
  • Multi-car operation
  • Dedicated panic button
  • Virtual Tach System (automatic transmission mode ONLY)
  • 3 auxiliary outputs
    • Aux. 1: Horn output or priority door access
    • Aux. 2: Constant while pressed or latched 30 sec. /4 min.
    • Aux. 3: Configurable trunk output
  • Configurable input:
    • Trunk pin monitoring
    • External trigger
    • Key sense
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