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Window Tinting

See Window Tinting on your car…see the difference!Try our Visual Tinter and see the tint on your Vehicle.

Here at The Car Salon, we love window tinting. It is a very cost effective way to personalize your vehicle. We find that window tinting helps reduce heat, keeping you cooler in the summer time . Another advantage that we like is it protects your interior from the sun’s rays. So you do not have to worry about interior damage. We love… love … love window tint. The benefits of window Tinting are many as seen in the IWFA’s Window Film Booklet. However you do need to be aware of the Laws in Alberta regarding window tint. Any type film or shade is legal behind the driver. This meaning the front windshield and the front driver door and front passengers door is not legal in Alberta. However every province is different. Please click this link for more information regarding the Alberta Laws.

If you are buying a vehicle out of the province….. so not in Alberta, just so you know that an Out of Province Inspection will be needed to be done. If you have window tint on your front two windows, we can remove the window tint for you… in no time at all. Please see attached link on more information on out of province inspection.

Window Tinting provides a variety of ways to upgrade and accessorize your car, truck, or van. Window Tinting in Calgary is only one of our key known services. Our experience and attention to quality in the window tinting industry. Makes sure that we keep our customers. That’s how we are able to offer you the best in new window films out there. The Car Salon  is a dealer of  SunTek Window Film Automotive Window Films.  This provides us with the option to offer our customers a super product at a great price.  We carry Standard – dyed film, High Performance – Dyed-Metal, and Carbon™ – Non-Metal, Non-Fading, Carbon film.

SunTek films give both good looks and great heat rejection. You will stay cooler while reducing strain from the sun on your vehicle’s air conditioner . Window Tint also protects your cars interior from UV light. Window tinting will make you feel at ease in your truck as you would in your own home.

If you are looking for window tinting in Calgary AB. Or other services from a company with years of training. Then you have found The Car Salon. Window Tinting at The Car Salon is a step up from the fly by night tint shops. That’s why at The Car Salon is able to offer LIFE TIME WARRANTIES on film installs. We will be here to stand behind our window tinting work. So if you care about your car enough to take it to a tint shop you can trust.

The Car Salon Offers

  • Quality Window Film tint choices.
  • Experienced Installers.
  • Trained friendly Staff.
  • Up to date colors and shades match the latest factory tints. Adding a stylish, unique look to your car.
  • Provides perfect optical clarity while reducing day and night time glare.
  • Life Time Warranty protects against peeling, cracking, glue failure when installed by our trained staff.

Make your mark when you customize your window tint with graphics in the film.

Ask for our Winter Special for January 2014. Happy New Year to All.

Create you own look with our tinting visualizer!Come to the Car Salon in Calgary AB NE and Get your Window Tinting.

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