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The Car Salon’s newest division the Sign Salon is located in Calgary, Alberta. We give all signs a new purpose and a new look. This depends on our customer, what they require: more business or to inform their customers what they want to project. Many ways of advertising your company, branding is very important to your company. It is your way to tell the public of who and what you and your company are about. Billboards, informational signs, banners, vehicle wraps, radio and paper advertisements. Once you have set a budget you can decide where and how to spend your money. Things to think about when planning to advertise. Color is very important. When choosing your logo and color it should be eye catching and your logo should have meaning to your company. This will help set you apart from your competition. Everyone loves stories that will help explain your company. Giving you and your company an edge. The font is also important because it has to be clear and easy to read. Keep this simple.  Informational signs or a sign to show your daily specials at the Sign Salon in Calgary Alberta it can be as simple as what a coffee shop has on special for the day or a sign to show where to exit a building safely in the event of a fire. Safety signs, those that range from health safety to fire safety, are one sign category that every individual should familiar with. Health related safety signs are vital to one’s overall health. Symbols are used to represent that a substance or situation that is potentially hazardous in order to protect individuals from harm. These symbols are found on containers such as household cleaning bottles and found on signs in locations such as construction sites. There is many signs for our health & safety. The Sign Salon would love the opportunity to help you with you requirement.

Highway and road signs are definitely a category of signs every driver should know and understand.

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