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Lobby Signs

Lobby Signs

Presenting the right image within your office is vital and incredibly important for all businesses, and a well-crafted corporate sign with the company logo or name turns your office sign on the lobby wall or office wall into a stunning reflection of your company that all visitors to your business will see the moment they walk through your door.

Corporate wall signs are most effective of all types of corporate signage and there are many ways to incorporate logos into your lobby and office wall signs, including: acrylic logos and acrylic letters and aluminum letters and brass letters.

Acrylic lettering is a great method of signage and is widely available in a range of colours, sizes and finishes. It also comes in translucent colours which is great for creating lighting effects. Acrylic lettering is fantastic for displaying a clean, modern feel and for providing a splash of colour to the office which brings your sign to life. It’s even possible to use shiny metal-effect Perspex to simulate a range of metals.

We also use embedded neon, in which the neon light or L.E.D. lights are housed inside the 3D lettering of the lobby sign to provide a soft glow or halo look. If translucent plastic lettering is used, the neon lights the whole sign and the letters are illuminated from within which also looks fantastic.

You may prefer the traditional back-lit neon sign that uses opaque lettering (for example stainless steel) where the front of the lettering remains unlit but the neon or L.E.D. lighting casts a distinguished, soft glow on the back wall which still allows the sign to be easily read.


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