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Safety Signs

Safety Signs

Safety Signs covering a wide variety of general hazard warning safety situations, identifying risks, dangers, warnings and required cautionary behaviour.

Many of the safety signs refer to automatic, dangerous or moving machinery, which could result in injuries from entanglement, entrapment, crush, punch and cuts from sharp blades, rotating cutters or parts, finger traps, and risks from conveyor belts, belt rollers and belt drives.

Other on site risks can be linked to fork lift trucks, vehicle risks when moving, unloading or reversing, construction traffic, battery charging, scaffolding, fragile roofs, from dust or industrial activities such as arc welding or testing. Some refer to the use of gases including compressed air, oxygen, other piped gases, explosive atmospheres or general risk of explosions.

High and low temperature dangers can be highlighted together with hot surfaces, very hot water or hot liquids. Safety Signs can cover the use of guard dogs, barbed and razor wire, and ant-climb paints.Safety Signs

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