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Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Did you know that your shop window can also be used to advertise and invite your customers into your shop?

Don’t just rely on your main shop sign to deliver your message. Take advantage of using the entire shop front window graphics and door graphics to attract your customers! At The Sign Salon we have a number of options when it comes to window signs and window graphics. The two most popular methods are to hang signs (even illuminated signs) inside the window or by using a long life vinyl decals on the glass to create the style you’re looking for and to form the shape and image that the shop displays to the outside world and passing by customers.

A commonly used method of displaying a shop’s identity on to the retail premises without totally covering the entire shop front is to use a vinyl boarder which runs all the way round the window. This could display your company logo, your company colours or matching style to the main shop sign, or perhaps even a tag line or contact details. By doing this it promotes your brand at the same time as allow you to see out of the windows too.

Some shops like beauty parlors for example tend to completely block out the window with window graphics. This creates both a private area for their clients to be in and also to use the window graphics to advertise and promote the services which they specialize in.window graphics calgary

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