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Vehicle Decals

Vehicle Decals

Did you know that, on average, a busy vehicle can be seen by more than 3000 people every hour? Get some of those people to notice your business or organization with our vehicle graphics & stickers.

They’re designed to be placed on the outside of your vehicle with adhesive which resists wind, wear and weather.

Choose from a choice of materials and finishes:

Each vehicle decal is made out of fire-rated class B 2 mil thick vinyl with a range of material options available:

  • Permanent gloss – Has a permanent adhesive backing with a bright glossy finish
  • Permanent matt – Has a permanent adhesive backing with a non-shiny finish
  • Removable gloss – Just like gloss, except it has an adhesive backing which can be easily removed within 6 months of application

Lamination available:

If you choose lamination, we will coat your vehicle stickers & graphics with a premium quality laminate. This will extend durability by up to 50%. (We recommend this option due to the potentially abrasive environment of vehicle decals).


Bright, colourful, custom decals help you make your cars, trucks and vans your own. Ready-to-apply car decals from The Sign Salon are easy to put on your vehicles-whether you choose to do it yourself, or we do it for you. They are perfect for business owners to raise awareness while making deliveries, or customizing a personal vehicle for fun.

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