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Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic vehicle signs are a great way to advertise your business & can be quickly removed making them ideal for any business including Taxi firms or if you use your car or van for business and pleasure. We only use a high quality magnetic sheet with a very high magnetic pull to manufacture our Car Magnetics & they can be made to any size required & printed with vinyl or full colour print to suit your needs & budget.

Make a powerful visual impression wherever you drive—without applying permanent graphics to your vehicle. With custom-made magnetic signs, you can showcase your company name and logo mile-after-mile. Plus, using magnetics you can match your vehicle’s colour, so people won’t know your signs are temporary.

Vehicle magnetics are great for:

  • Delivery vans and trucks
  • Personal service vehicles
  • Cars that are used personally and professionally
  • Temporary and promotional uses

Magnetic vehicle signs are most commonly used for advertising company names and/or promotions on the side of vehicles. Properly cared for, magnetic material will provide years of cost-effective communication and is available in a number of colours. When sizing your vehicle for a magnetic sign, be sure that you do not plan on placing the magnetic sign over any molding or areas of trim that will create an air gap of any kind. The sign needs to go against the smooth part of your vehicle. Any air that can get under the sign will cause it to pop off.


magnetic vehicle signs

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