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Reflective Vehicle Markings

Reflective Vehicle Markings

The Sign Salon can produce and install a wide range of high visibility reflective vehicle markings. Promote your branding for almost any type of vehicle including chevrons for improved rearward visibility; logos and letterings; aerial identification and roof markings; accident repair kits and special use livery and vehicle wraps.

We can supply and apply vinyl films with fluorescent daytime safety and retro-reflective night-time markings, including contour marking narrow-width film tapes that comply with the Alberta Safety Directives. Our design process will also look at materials selection to minimize costs over the life time of the vehicle.

Our reflective vinyl graphics can keep your branding visible out of daylight hours. Perfect for promotional purposes, as well as providing an invaluable safety consideration, our expert fitters can advise you on the best reflective vehicle markings for your business.

Ensure your signage doesn’t disappear at night with our reflective vehicle markings.

Whether used for promotional purposes, or as a safety consideration, you can rely on our reflective vehicle markings to ensure your business is not ‘left in the dark’.

Transfer Films are composed of retroreflective lenses bonded to a variety of heat-activated adhesives. They are ideal for conversion into emblems, patches, logos and labels in a variety of shapes, sizes, numbers and letters, and are often used to make continuous laminated trims and piping. Transfer films may be die-cut, hand-cut or guillotined. They may be heat laminated to fabrics or backings using a heat press, roll-to-roll laminator, heat fusing machine or radio/high frequency (RF or HF) welding equipment. Transfer films may also be screen printed (usually after lamination).

Fabrics are composed of retroreflective lenses bonded to a variety of fabric backings. They sew easily onto other fabrics and can be embroidered or screen printed for patches and emblems. Fabrics may be hand-cut, die-cut, slit or guillotined.

High gloss materials are composed of microprisms bonded to a flexible, glossy, UV-stabilized polymeric film. They are available either sealed to a vinyl backing or unsealed for custom converting. They may be sewn or radio/high frequency (RF or HF) welded to compatible fabrics. High gloss films may also be screen printed, embossed or used as piping.



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