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Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle Advertising

As an integral part of the fastest-growing sector of the Canadian advertising industry, vehicle advertising offers the most audience-responsive and cost-effective medium through which to promote corporate and brand awareness.
According to an independent survey, a vehicle will be seen on average by around 3,000 people every hour which equates to up to 16 million advertising opportunities each year. Vehicle advertising also enables creative agencies and event organizers to add a new and vibrant dimension to their client’s marketing mix in a way not possible via other promotional channels. It also is the one form of advertising that cannot be switched off, tuned out or lost in the plethora of radio, TV and printed media.

Through its high level of flexibility, vehicle advertising will effectively accommodate every kind of tactical marketing campaign and/or brand promotion. The opportunities provided are virtually limitless and include:
• Special Promotions & Product Launches
• Vehicle Fleet Branding
• Road Shows & Tours
• Store Openings & Seasonal Campaigns
• Outdoor Advertising

Vehicle advertising offers an extremely cost effective method with which to promote your business and your brand messages, a method that cannot be simply turned off and is constantly working for you, wherever there are people present.

3M™ digitally printable vehicle wraps make for a completely bespoke vehicle wrapping solution that can add a whole new dimension to your marketing and company branding

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