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CV Joint Replace

Your CV joint directly informs the balance and handling of your vehicle. To support your CV joint…CV Joint Replace

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides CV joint replacement services to Calgary, AB and surrounding area. Clunking and popping are noises you never want to hear while your vehicle is in motion while driving through Calgary,Alberta. Unfortunately, over time, the important components that comprise your vehicle are subject to wear and tear that will lead to replacement. If these clunking and popping noises appear to be emanating from your front-wheels while driving through Calgary, AB. then a possible CV joint problem may be present.

Your vehicle’s CV joint—or Constant Velocity Joint—is responsible for distributing torque to the wheels of your vehicle for consistent turning speeds. There are two types of CV joints common in vehicles today—the outboard joint and the inboard joint. Both joints allow for a comprehensive range of movement for your vehicle’s wheels. Your vehicle’s CV joints transfer power from your vehicle’s transmission to the wheels. The CV joints allow your vehicle’s wheels to bounce as your vehicle’s transmission remains stationary. Superior balance and handling is a direct result of a properly functioning CV joints. Additionally, when your CV joints are not functioning at maximum efficiency, you will experience rattling, clicking, or popping sounds. You might even experience vibrations during low acceleration. Another problem that might lead to an eventual CV joint replacement service concerns your vehicle’s CV boot. The CV boot encases the CV joint in order to retain the necessary amount of grease to keep the joint lubricated. When the grease begins to leak, the CV joint will fail to maintain the proper amount of lubrication necessary to keep the internal CV joint parts from excessive wear. The CV boot is also responsible for keeping dirt and foreign substances from contact with the CV joint. It is essential for your CV joint to be functioning correctly and our automotive professionals are capable of restoring proper CV joint functionality should it become damaged. When it comes to CV joint replacement services in Calgary, AB, our facility contains the knowledgeable mechanics for the job along with high quality in-stock replacement CV joints.

CV joint inspections can be extremely important for avoiding costly repairs down the road in Calgary, AB. In extreme cases, our mechanics have had to replace an entire drive shaft due to CV joint wear going unattended for too long. The CV joints are responsible for bearing a heavy load for many miles down the road, which is why routine maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle’s current set of CV joints.

When something doesn’t feel or sound right during your travels, immediate action can mean the prevention of additional repairs. Let us restore balance to your vehicle’s performance with a CV joint replacement service at our location in Calgary, AB. If your CV joint is not replaced promptly, it will cause additional damage to your vehicle and lead to an eventual failure on the road. For years, our highly trained mechanics have been providing automotive services for improved vehicle performance in Calgary, AB. If you experience any of the symptoms of a faulty CV joint, then come into our facility today for a CV joint inspection and possible replacement.

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