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Car wheels spin at different speeds, especially when turning. The axles  are very important to…

The Car Salon, Tirecraft provides axle assembly replacement services to Calgary,Ab and surrounding area. An automobile axle is essentially two wheels separated by a rod or other stabilizing device designed to maintain the distance between the two wheels. It must bear the weight of the entire vehicle, as well as any cargo and passengers. It also must endure both braking and acceleration forces of the vehicle. An axle’s location depends on whether the automobile is front or rear-wheel drive. It is somewhat more complex than a dead axle because it comes in two halves, with a multi-ended joint connecting the two. This joint is called a constant velocity or CV joint. It connects to the driveshaft, a rod which extends from the automobile’s transmission, which is connected to the automobile’s engine. As the driveshaft turns, the motion is transferred to the drive axles via the CV joint. This causes the wheels connected to the ends of the axle to turn. While 4-wheel drive vehicles have two drive axles, all automobiles must have at least one drive axle to function. If there are any questions or concerns about the axles please give us a call or stop into our shop

This is our recommended way to change an axle. First remove vehicle hubcap. Loosen the axle shaft nut, located in the very center of the wheel. Occasionally, you may have to remove a cap of some kind first, often fastened with a cotter pin. Use pliers. Jack up the car, placing it on jack stands. Remove the wheel. Remove the brake calipers; they should be connected with bolts to the rotor. Pull off the calipers, rotating them away from the rotor. Pull off the rotor. On the back of the knuckle, there will be two or three bolts holding the hub in place; remove them. Now the hub should come off. Remove the axle nut. This may require a drill with high torque. Beneath the hub is the dust shield. Make a note of which way it is facing so that you don’t re-install it the wrong way. Remove it. Now you should have the axle shaft sticking out. Remove it very carefully. Insert the new axle shaft, remember to be very careful. Replace the dust shield. Replace and tighten the axle nut, as well as the cotter pin if there is one. Replace the hub, and re-insert the bolts on the back of the knuckle. Replace the wheel. Lower the car onto the ground. Replace the hubcap. If you are uncomfortable with this please bring it into our shop  When it comes time to sell your car or truck, having maintained the axle, CV joint, driveshaft repair areas will really pay off. Our mechanic shop located in Calgary,AB services in all areas of these services. Stop in at our location or give us a call at (403) 250-9723 to have your vehicles axle, CV joint and driveshaft areas checked over by highly trained professional mechanics.

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