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Balance Main Driveshaft

Balance Main Driveshaft

Wondering why your car or truck doesn’t maneuver along corners like it used to? Do the wheels on…

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides main driveshaft balancing services to Calgary, AB and surrounding area. When was the last time you had your car or truck’s driveshaft inspected by a mechanic in Byron, MN? The driveshaft is one part of your car or truck’s axle that may go unnoticed until you begin experiencing vibrations, unusual sounds, or turning issues.

So what exactly is a driveshaft anyway? The driveshaft is located between differentials and has the responsibility of transferring power to the rear wheels. In four-wheel drive vehicles, there is a driveshaft located on the front and back axles in order to transfer power to individual wheels. The driveshaft is tasked with a big responsibility concerning the movement and overall maneuverability of your car or truck. In fact, the driveshaft is what tells the wheels to switch from idle to drive. While a driveshaft will fail gradually over time, there are signs and symptoms that will alert you to a driveshaft in need of balancing.

Suppose you are driving along through Calgary, AB and you begin to feel vibrations, trembling, or shaking that only gets worse as your speed increases. This is a sure sign that your driveshaft may need balancing. Low squeaking that only grows louder as your speed increases is also another symptom of a driveshaft off balance. This symptom commonly points to a U-joint problem—a key component of the driveshaft. Turning issues should also alert you to early driveshaft problems. If the wheels of your car or truck hesitate while turning, or if you feel resistance while turning around corners, then these are signs of driveshaft problems. In fact, any trouble maneuvering can point to driveshaft problems. It is important to remember that many of these symptoms may point to other issues, like wheels out of alignment or uneven tread wear on your tires. Keep in mind that many symptoms of a bad driveshaft will worsen as the speed of your car or truck increase. Because the responsibility of the driveshaft is crucial to the drivability of your car or truck, you should treat each symptom as a serious threat to your driveshaft and your safety while on the road. Let’s face it minor repairs are cheaper than a full replacement or major repairs down the road in Calgary AB.

During a main driveshaft balance inspection in Calgary, AB, our auto mechanics will check for missing balance weights and broken welds while also inspecting for buildup of dirt and grime that might cause the balance of the driveshaft to be affected. The U-joint and clamps will be checked by our mechanics for looseness and cracks. Our mechanics will also check for rust around the U-joints, which is a sign of problems with the driveshaft. Replacing the driveshaft will be necessary if there is any bend or break discovered in the driveshaft.

Our facility provides main driveshaft balancing services at The Car Salton TireCraft Calgary,AB. Our auto professionals take drivability issues seriously and symptoms of a bad driveshaft are treated urgently and accurately. We pride ourselves on offering superior customer service and expert advice on basic driveshaft maintenance. Make an appointment for a main driveshaft balancing service today so our mechanics can get to the bottom of the vibrations, unusual sounds, or turning issues that have been plaguing your car or truck.



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