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CV Joint Boot

CV Joint BootYour CV Joint directly informs the balance and handling of your car. To support your CV Joint on…

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides CV joint boot replacement services to Calgary,AB and surrounding area. Clunking and popping are noises you never want to associate with your vehicle. Unfortunately, the parts that comprise your vehicle are subject to wear. You utilize your vehicle on a daily basis and as a direct result of your reliance, wear is inevitable. When wear occurs your vehicle prompts you and that can mean, at times, the repetitive sound of clunks and pops. When this clunking and popping is associated with the handling of your front-wheel drive vehicle it can mean that a CV joint issue can be present. The CV joint or Constant Velocity joint is responsible for evenly distributing torque at a uniform speed to the wheels of your vehicle. Superior balance and handling is a direct result of a properly functioning CV joints. Additionally, when your CV Joints aren’t functioning properly the same two elements, vital to vehicle’s performance, will be in disarray. A malfunctioning CV joint can be caused by wear and the reason for the damage can be attributed to a faulty CV joint boot. In this case, we can offer you and your vehicle the opportunity to replace the CV joint boot. So, when the popping and clunking point to a faulty CV joint, the CV joint boot could be the cause. Let us restore balance to your vehicle’s performance location by employing our CV joint boot replacement service. If your CV joint boot is not replaced promptly, it can cause additional damage to your CV Joint and eventually lead to failure.

Unfortunately, the clunking and popping that is symptomatic of a faulty CV joint can be caused by the failure of a CV joint boot. The CV Joint boot encases the CV Joint retaining the grease necessary to keep the joint lubricated. When the grease is absent, the CV Joint will not maintain the proper lubrication and the parts will begin wearing. The CV joint boot is also responsible for keeping dirt and foreign substances from contact with the CV joint. Foreign objects such as dirt and grass dirt can lead to the wear of the CV joint. It is essential for your CV joint boot to be functioning correctly and we can restore its function should it become damaged. We will replace your faulty CV joint boot and inspect the CV joint for damage. If the clunks and pops that alerted you to your CV joint boot problem those noises can be a result of a malfunctioning CV joint. So, if the CV joint boot is not functioning properly it can lead to additional issues and can result in replacement of both the CV joint boot and the CV joint. It is of the utmost importance to be alert when it comes to the functionally of your vehicle. When something doesn’t feel or sound right as you drive, immediate action can mean the prevention of additional repairs. Do not hesitate to employ our CV joint repair service at our Calgary, AB location because it is essential to the present and future performance of your vehicle.

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