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Inspect Front-Wheel Drive Axles

In Calgary, AB. if you are making a tight turn and notice clicking noises while turning,…Inspect Front-Wheel Drive Axles

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides front-wheel drive axle inspections to Calgary, AB. and surrounding area.  If your car or truck has front-wheel drive in Calgary, AB. then you most likely have a front drive axle—also known as the CV shaft—which connects the transmission and the front wheels on both sides of your car or truck. Clicking sounds are typically the first sign of trouble with the front drive axle and any noise should not be treated lightly. An issue on a front drive shaft can develop into serious problems for your car or truck if not inspected by a mechanic as soon as possible.

The front wheel drive axle is responsible for routing power between the front wheels of your car or truck. Drive shaft weights help with balancing while the wheels are in motion. The drive shaft consists of a tube made of steel, which directs torque between the front wheels of your vehicle. In reality, front wheel drive axles are actually in two parts—one drive shaft for each wheel. This has to due with routing the right amount of torque between tires on different types of terrain in Calgary, AB. Besides the heavy weight carried by your front wheel drive axles, the heavy steel inside each drive axle helps with the extreme pressure of torque levels required during high speeds and heavy traveling.

While driving through Calgary, AB. vibrations, unusual sounds and trouble turning are all signs of potential front wheel drive shaft issues. Sometimes vibrations can be so misleading that it might seem as if the rear of your vehicle is experiencing issues. While this still might be the case, vibrations while driving should be treated by calling your mechanic and giving up the full details of the issue plaguing your car or truck’s front wheel drive axle. If the wheels of your car or truck hesitate while turning, or if you feel resistance while turning around corners, then these are signs of driveshaft problems. In fact, any trouble maneuvering can point to front wheel drive axle problems. It is important to remember that many of these symptoms may point to other issues, like wheels out of alignment or uneven tread wear on your tires. Keep in mind that many symptoms of a bad front wheel drive axle will worsen as the speed of your car or truck increase. Because the responsibility of the front wheel drive axle is crucial to the drivability of your car or truck, you should treat each symptom as a serious threat to your wheels. Minor repairs are always cheaper than a full front wheel drive axle replacement or other major repairs down the road in Calgary, AB.

Our mechanics have years of experience expecting front wheel drive axles in Calgary, AB. Our team of auto professionals has seen all of the signs and symptoms of a front wheel drive axle tending towards failure. If you happen to be experiencing unnecessary vibrations or unusual noises coming from your front wheel drive axle, make an appointment today to have your front wheel drive axles inspected by an experienced mechanic.

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