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There are many components involved in the movement of your vehicle that go unseen, but whose…Yoke Replace

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides yoke replacement services to Calgary, AB. and surrounding area. You are driving along a stretch of road through Calgary, AB. when you apply brakes in anticipation of an upcoming stoplight. Your vehicle stops, but not without unusual clunking sounds coming from the rear of your vehicle. You turn around to see if someone has hit you, but there’s no one there. The next time you stop, you hear the same clunking noises. If this happens to you, you should consider stopping into our automotive facility so our reliable mechanics can perform an inspection of the driveshaft yoke. In some case, they may find the cause of the clunking noises to be a broken driveshaft yoke requiring a replacement.

Driveshaft yokes are located on the ends of the driveshaft. One yoke connects the driveshaft to the rear end of the vehicle while the other yoke reaches into the transmission. The drive shaft sends the power from the transmission and turns the differential, which moves the wheels. These connecting components help transfer your vehicle’s rotational energy from the source of the transmission to the moving wheels along the highway.

Today, there are a few types of yokes in use on vehicles: tube yokes, slip yokes, and end yokes. The yoke application in your vehicle depends on the type of connection between the driveshaft and the transmission.

If you are worried about the state of your driveshaft’s yokes, then simply turn the driveshaft back and forth. If there is free-play in the driveshaft, the yoke may be stripped. In some cases, the yoke may crack and even snap completely. If you feel free-play when driving your vehicle through Calgary, AB. then consider making an appointment with our mechanics for a yoke replacement service.

Our facility in Calgary, AB.has quality yoke replacements parts in stock to guarantee you same-day service. We carry an affordable range of tube yokes, slip yokes, and end yokes for your vehicle’s driveshaft. If there’s the chance that we do not have your vehicle’s yoke in stock, we will special order the yoke and rush in the replacement in enough time so you aren’t waiting around for a replacement. At our facility, we understand how important quick turnaround times are when it comes to yoke replacement services in Calgary, AB.

If you value a smooth ride and the ability to easily navigate through tight turns, then you should seek yoke and driveshaft inspections from our experienced auto mechanics on a regular basis. Most issues concerning the yokes on your vehicle’s driveshaft can be prevented with regularly scheduled driveshaft maintenance. We’re happy to provide quality customer service and quick yoke replacement services to customers in Calgary, AB. Our facility is equipped with the specialized tools required for speedy and accurate yoke replacements on your car or truck. Why leave this kind of work in the hands of an amateur? Make an appointment with us today for a yoke replacement or stop in to speak with a member of our auto repair team so that you can learn more about how to maintain and improve the life of your vehicle’s tube yokes, slip yokes, or end yokes.

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