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Radiator Hoses, Replace

A radiator hose can wear out over time through constant use. Unless you stay on stop of inspecting…Radiator Hoses, Replace

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides radiator hoses replacement services to Calgary, AB. Your car or truck’s radiator hose is made to sustain heavy wear and tear and extremely hot temperatures. A radiator hose can remain functional for 80,000 Km’s, though you should not wait until 78,000 Km’s before you consider the status of your vehicle’s radiator hoses. Radiator hoses can crack and leak, jeopardizing the performance of your vehicle when you need it the most. Overheating is the most common cause of mechanical breakdowns on the road. Don’t let an overheating engine caused by a leaky radiator hose ruin your travel plans in Calgary, AB.

Your car or truck’s radiator hoses, which connect the engine to the radiator, are an important component in maintaining proper internal engine temperatures. Radiator hoses circulate coolant and prevent overheating in the engine. The radiator is a large tank with many small channels through which coolant flows to dissipate the heat contained in hot coolant carried away from the engine. Once the coolant is inside the radiator, radiator fans, which are located behind the radiator, help to cool the anti-freeze or coolant. The cooled coolant is carried back into the engine to absorb more heat created in the combustion process. Once the engine has reached operating temperatures, the hot coolant cycles back to the radiator where it is cooled again. Replacing radiator hoses every four years or 60,000 miles is one way to prevent a radiator replacement in the future.

Sometimes the radiator hoses will become damaged due to corrosive coolant. The radiator hoses may also become clogged from dirt and other debris carried in your vehicle’s coolant. But there is minor preventative maintenance that you can perform on your heater hoses in order to save yourself headaches down the road. On a cool engine, look for the radiator hoses on your car or truck’s radiator, located in the front of the engine. Inspect the rubbery hose for bulging, cracking or leaking. Upon squeezing a radiator hose, the hose should spring back into shape. If your radiator hoses feel brittle or refuse to spring back into place, then this is a sure sign of a soon-to-be-busted radiator hose. Of course, you can always make an appointment with one of our auto mechanics in Calgary, AB. to troubleshoot the status of your radiator hose and all other hoses involved in the function of your engine.

Radiator hoses are just one part of the cooling down process of your vehicle’s engine. Without a properly maintained set of radiator hoses, you can be sure to face an overheating engine in the middle of important travel plans in Calgary, AB. But don’t let it happen that way. Leave the troubleshooting and routine radiator hose maintenance to us. Regularly scheduled maintenance and service appointments will ensure that our mechanics keep your radiator hoses working at maximum efficiency. Servicing all radiator hose replacements in Calgary, AB. our auto professionals can help save you trouble down the road. We also carry a wide selection of affordable replacement parts so you don’t have to pay the steep prices set by manufacturers. Schedule an appointment to have your radiator hoses checked by a mechanic today.

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