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Your car or truck’s serpentine belt is responsible for maintaining complex processes involving the…Serpentine Belt, Replace

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides serpentine belt replacement services to Calgary, AB and surrounding area. When you’re driving in Calgary, AB. listen to the sounds underneath the hood or your car or truck. The sounds the engine makes during the combustion process can often alert you to possible problems in your serpentine belt. Squeals and squeaks are hints that a serpentine belt may be loose or cracking. Don’t ignore noises like this without inspecting the belts around your engine. If the serpentine belt becomes too cracked without you noticing, you might find yourself phoning us from the side of the highway. But we would rather you come in for an inspection before a disaster stops you in your tracks.

So where does the serpentine belt get its name? The serpentine belt snakes around major engine components including the water pump, power steering, alternator, and air conditioner. Overall, it maintains steering and electrical performance. All it takes is one break for the entire mechanical process to cease completely.

The serpentine belt is involved in some major functions under the hood of your car or truck. A serpentine belt should be replaced every 100,000 to 160,000 Km’s in Calgary, AB, though you should inspect the serpentine belt periodically for cracks, grooves, or frays to avoid a disaster. Our auto professionals will inspect the serpentine belt for cracks that seem to penetrate at least three inches deep into the ribbed section of the belt. These types of cracks—and especially cracks that penetrate more than halfway through the belt—justify a serpentine belt replacement. Other cracks are just part of a serpentine’s belt useful life and may not be reason to replace the serpentine belt. Sometimes dirt and debris may find its way in between the belt and the pulleys, which can lead to bigger problems if the dirt and debris becomes jammed. The serpentine belt can also become wet with oil, which may cause the belt to slip and not provide proper circulation for keeping the engine cool. An auto mechanic will look for all of these things and more during a serpentine belt inspection at our location in Calgary, AB

Between models of cars and trucks, the interval between serpentine belt replacements can vary from model to model. So it’s important to check your owner’s manual, or contact one of our auto professionals for insight into when your car or truck may be coming up on a serpentine belt replacement appointment in Calgary, AB

When you stop in for a serpentine belt inspection or replacement, we want you to know that your car or truck is in the most capable of hands. We carry a wide selection of affordable replacement parts so you don’t have to pay the steep prices set by manufacturers. To keep all of your auto related needs covered, we service cars and trucks in Calgary, AB. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and accurate, affordable repairs aimed at saving you trouble down the road. So come in to consult with our team of trusted mechanics or to have your serpentine belt inspected so you can concentrate on mapping out your travel plans instead of worrying about the reliability of the vehicle that will get you there. Make an appointment with us today. We’ll have you out in no time at all!

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