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Brake Job, Front

You apply pressure to your brakes, they stop your car. No matter what the case, stop light or…Brake Job, Front (Disc)

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division is the leading front brake repair shop in Calgary, AB. and surrounding area. The split second it takes you to press down on the brake should equal the speed and precision of your brake to force your vehicle to a stop.  Simply, you apply the brake, your car stops—immediately. And that’s the way it should be.  Your brakes should allow stop for any obstacles on the road and then continue on your journey.  But sometimes your vehicle’s brakes are not as responsive— sluggish, squeaky, and shaky.  When your brakes are having difficulty stopping your vehicle, it poses a risk to your safety in the vehicle as you travel.  We can offer your front brake job the care they deserve so your vehicle can return to the road in peak condition at our Calgary, AB location.  In the case that your front disc brakes are to blame we can accommodate your vehicle’s need for brake repair or brake replacement.  We are aware of the safety risks that worn brakes can impose on the way your car handles and we can provide you the quality service that you require.  We also offer additional services to keep your vehicle in top working conditions in Calgary, AB.

When you are experiencing issues with stopping safely and efficiently, we can help restore your front disc brakes to their optimal performance.  If your front disc brakes are functioning correctly, the friction material on the pad or shoe will squeeze against the rotor or drum when the brake is applied to slow your vehicle to a stop.  Over time, the pad or shoe wears thin.  The rotor or drum can become worn due to contact and heat.  A technique called machining can be performed, which involves scraping or cutting the rotor or drum so it is smooth and true.  This can be done within specifications, but if the thickness of the rotor or drum becomes too thin or the surface is too scored or warped, they will need to be replaced.  An inspection of your brakes will determine which option will service your front disc brake system best.  Whether you need brake repair or brake replacement on your front disc brakes, we can offer you superior care and efficient services. So, if the precision of your front disc brakes is in question, our location at Calgary, AB will be a dependable and reliable stop on your travels.  We will return balance to your worn brake system with our services.  Do not wait to schedule your vehicle for the superior brake repair or brake replacement services we can provide.  We will restore your vehicle to a safe state for your journey and any obstacle you might face.

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