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Brake Job, Rear Disc

When your brakes are noisier than your horn; there is an issue.  And when your brakes aren’t functioning correctly…Brake Job, Rear Disc and repair and maintenance

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division is the leading rear brakes repair shop in Calgary, AB. Your vehicle is designed to provide satisfaction.  The destination doesn’t matter.  The grocery store, dinner, or the beach, your vehicle can take you there.  And it does daily, making the thought of your destination a reality.  Wear and tear on you vehicle is also a reality.  This can be on your brakes which you can hear when you ease to a halt at a stoplight.  The sound you hear may be a squeal, shriek, or a whistle.  This should alert you to the distress your brakes are experiencing.  The distress signal is alerting you that your vehicle’s brakes are not functioning at full capacity.  When your brakes are not functioning accurately, they are a safety hazard.  Noisy brakes aren’t just an annoyance, it’s your vehicle’s way of communicating that there is an issue that needs attention.  And we can service your vehicle at our Calgary, AB location. We speak your vehicle’s language and can determine whether you require brake repair or brake replacement.  Our goal is to return your vehicle to peak performance so it can get you to your destination safely.  Additionally, to maintain your vehicle’s prime condition we also offer other services in Calgary, AB.

In the case that your vehicle directs us to your rear disc brakes, we can diagnose the issue and determine the proper course of action, brake repair or brake replacement. Either service will provide a safe and optimal brake system. If your brakes are working properly, the friction material on the pad platform squeezes against the rotor when the brake is applied to slow your car to a stop. As you drive, you use your brakes often to stop at a stop sign or to simply slow your speed. Constant use of your brakes, though normal and a necessity, can cause the pad to wear thin over time. The rotor can also become worn due to contact and heat. Utilizing a technique called machining, we can scrape and cut the rotor or drum until it is smooth and true. Machining of the rotor or drum, however, can only be done to an extent.  If the thickness becomes too thin or the surface becomes scored or warped, they will need to be replaced. Whether your vehicle requires brake repair or brake replacement, we will provide superior care at our Calgary, AB location. We will restore the safety and efficiency of your vehicle’s performance so you can focus on the road ahead.  Let us determine your vehicle’s brake distress. Let us provide you with fully functioning brakes that are accurate performers; silent, reliable, and precise. Your journey should be the only thought on your mind, so make the right decision when your vehicle needs rear disc brake service.

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