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Your destination is your main priority when you climb into the driver’s seat of your vehicle, as i…Brake Job, Rear (Drum)

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division is the leading rear brakes repair shop in  Calgary, AB. Your brakes have one duty: to stop your vehicle.  Whether it be stop light or an obstacle in your path, it is important you have properly working brakes to bring your vehicle to a halt. When your brakes become loud, there’s a problem. Squealing, vibrating and whistling may be an indication that your vehicle’s brakes need attention.  We can provide your brakes the proper care they require when you schedule an appointment at our  Calgary, AB. location to diagnose your brake problem. If your brake issues persist, the result can be brake failure. To prevent an instance where your brakes cease to function, leave your brakes in our care. We will determine the proper course of action: brake repair or brake replacement, to return your vehicle to superior working condition. We can ensure that that the care and the quality of your vehicle will be of the best. We also offer additional services to keep your vehicle in top working condition in Calgary, AB.

In the case that your rear brake drums are in need of assistance we can accommodate your vehicle’s needs without fail.  When your brakes are functioning correctly, the friction material on the shoe platform squeezes against the drum when the brake is applied to slow your vehicle to a stop. But when your brakes aren’t functioning correctly, we can replace the rear friction materials and reface the rear brake drums. Being that you utilize your vehicle on a daily basis, frequent use over time can cause the shoe to wear thin. The drums can also become worn due to contact and heat. The technique by the name of machining can be performed for repair. Machining is scraping or cutting the drum so it is smooth and true. Performing machining on the drum is allowable within specification, but replacement drums will be necessary if the thickness of the drum becomes too thin or the surface becomes too thin or warped. Whether your vehicle needs brake repair or brake replacement, we will ensure that the performance of your vehicle is optimal.  When the accuracy of your brakes does not meet the proper standards, we can offer you unrivaled service and care at our  Calgary, AB. location.  When your brakes don’t perform effectively, your vehicle’s ability to keep you safe is compromised.  Do not hesitate to schedule your vehicle for the brake repair or brake replacement services with us.  Your destination should be your priority, let us worry about the mechanics of your vehicle. We can diagnose and repair your brakes so when you vehicle stops, it does so effortlessly and silently.

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