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Your vehicle’s main purpose is motion.  However, the power to slow and stop that speed also needs…Brake Job, Rotor Replacement

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division is the leading rotor replacement shop in Calgary, AB. Stop.  When you see this word in your travels you don’t have to think about what you do.  You just react and your vehicle should do the same.  As you ease your foot on the pedal, your brakes respond by slowing your vehicle to a stop.  But sometimes your brakes aren’t so efficient.  Over time, they become loud. They chatter, quake and squeak, making you aware of their presence.  At this point, you have a problem a brake Job may be necessary. The noise coming from beneath your brake pedal is not to be ignored.  It is an indicator that a service to check the functionality of your brakes is needed.  We can assess the issues causing the clatter from your brakes at our Calgary, AB location. When you leave your vehicle in our care, we will provide superior service that will return your vehicle to peak performance.  We can offer you a brake inspection that will determine whether you need brake repair or brake replacement.  Brakes are responsible for safely stopping your vehicle at signs and lights, and curbing your speed.  In the case that you will need rotor replacement, we can provide a thorough assessment to determine your vehicle’s needs.  We also offer additional services to maintain the optimal performance of vehicle in Calgary, AB.

You can place the care of your vehicle in our hands.  The superior functionality of your brakes is an important component of your vehicle’s performance.  If your brakes are not performing with accuracy they jeopardize the safety of your vehicle as you travel.  If your brake rotors are the reason for your stopping issues, we can offer the proper services.  When your brakes are at peak performance, the friction material located on the pad or shoe platform squeezes against the rotor or drum when the brake is applied to slow your vehicle to a stop.  As you use your brakes over time the pad or shoe wears thin.  The rotor or drum can become worn due to contact and heat.  To repair the damage, a technique called machining can be performed.  The technique involves scraping or cutting so it is smooth and true.  Machining is acceptable within specification, but if the thickness of the rotor becomes too thin or the surface is too scored or warped, it will need to be replaced.  The extent of the wear will be determine the correct course of action for your vehicle’s brakes.  The determination of brake repair or brake replacement can depend on the vehicle type where replacement might be the only option.  In either case, we will be able perform the proper adjustments necessary to return your vehicle to top working condition at our Calgary, AB.  location.  If your vehicle’s brakes are making noises they shouldn’t; do not hesitate to bring your car in for a brake inspection.  We will make sure your vehicle is secure as you travel.

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