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Parking Brake, Adjust

The end of your journey is met with the application of your parking brake.  The parking brake or…Parking Brake, Adjust

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division provides parking brake adjustment services to Calgary, AB, . The road in front of you is not a continuous flat plane.  It has many variations, inclines included.  You also know that your vehicle is responsible for getting you to your desired destination and the parking brake is designed to keep you there.   So, there will be a point on your journey where you meet your destination, as you always do. It is at this point on your journey that your parking brake comes into play.  The parking brake or emergency brake was developed to function as support for your vehicle when you are parked.  The parking brake prevents your vehicle from rolling from your desired parking space.  Maintaining the functionality of your parking brake is an important component to the upkeep of your vehicle.  If the parking brake is neglected, it can result in unnecessary wear, which can cause damage should the parking brake fail.  We can provide the required adjustments to your parking brake that will be essential to the prevention of needless stress and damage to your vehicle .  Our car brake adjustment services will afford you peace of mind and the comfort that your parking brake will be performing accurately.  The complete functionality of your parking brake will prolong the life of your brakes and prevent brake replacement.  We can provide you the services required to retain the strength and effectiveness of your brakes .

We offer your vehicle superior care, especially when it comes to your parking brake.  Your vehicle’s main duty is motion, propelling you to your destinations with ease and efficiency.  Stopping is just as important as starting and your brakes are the deciding factor, most specifically the parking brake.  Your parking brake is designed to anchor your vehicle to the destination that you choose.  So, the emergency brake should be a stable component that ensures that your vehicle is secure in a parking spot.  The parking brake adjustment that we provide requires confirmation that the parking brake system is neither too loose nor too tight. If your parking brake is too loose the system will not hold the vehicle stationary.  This will make your vehicle susceptible to the damage it could sustain while rolling when in park.  If the parking brake is too tight the system will wear prematurely.  This will cause the need to replace your parking brake sooner.  We will adjust your parking brake cables or rear wheel adjusters to hold the vehicle so that you will not experience brake issues.  To ensure that your brakes are functioning correctly after the necessary adjustments are made, we test the brakes for accuracy.  We guarantee that our services will prolong the life of your parking brake system so that you can stave off brake replacement.  Do not hesitate to schedule your brake adjustment in the near future with us.

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