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Engines can fail when you least expect them to, leaving you and your family stranded on the side of the road…

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division provides the leading cooling system repair shop in  Calgary,AB, . No one likes waiting for a tow truck, but vehicle breakdowns can and will occur if preventive maintenance is not a priority. If you’ve ever witnessed a breakdown on the side of the road in Calgary ,AB, chances are the breakdown involved a driver with an overheated engine. Overheating has been the most common mechanical breakdown on the road. Typically, cooling systems require servicing and maintenance from every two years to every 50,000 Km’s. This leaves you plenty of time to coordinate a cooling system maintenance or service for your car or truck at our facility.

Your vehicle’s cooling system is responsible for keeping the temperature of your vehicle’s engine down in order to prevent overheating of the engine. The cooling system consists of a cooling fan, water pump, and radiator. The primary purpose of each of these parts is to dissipate and remove heat from the engine. Excess heat can build in a variety of places in your car or truck’s engine. Anti-freeze flows through your car or truck’s radiator to keep temperatures down, though the anti-freeze can break down and lose its efficiency over time. Through preventative routine maintenance, our mechanics can perform a flush and fill to replace the old anti-freeze in your car or truck’s radiator. Similarly, old coolant—a mixture of water and anti-freeze—can lead to corrosion of the cooling system’s water pump. Without an operational water pump, your vehicle’s engine is more prone to overheating. The cooling system’s cooling fan circulates air through the radiator and passes excess heat out of the engine. If the fan malfunctions, your vehicle’s engine will quickly overheat. During a cooling system service, our mechanics will check the cooling fan for damage and the drive or fan belt for cracks. Other important cooling system components, such as the pressure cap, coolant reservoir, and thermostat, will all be checked during an inspection at our facility.

Our facility in Calgary, AB is ready to serve you and service your vehicle in times of emergencies. But why chance a breakdown? Do you want to be waiting for a tow truck when your destination is in reach? We would be happier seeing your car or truck for preventive maintenance—like a cooling system flush or worn hoses replacement. A proactive approach to vehicle maintenance has been known to pay off in the long run. Neglecting cooling system maintenance can lead to expensive engine repairs or a radiator replacement in the future. After all, the number one cause of major engine failure is cooling system problems. That’s why we recommend spending a little now in routine maintenance to save you time and money later. Don’t wait for the48,000 Km’s before you decide to schedule routine maintenance on your car or truck’s cooling system.

Schedule an appointment now or contact us for a quote on a routine cooling system maintenance service. Our staff is ready to offer you the best and most affordable cooling system repair services.

Coolant System Service:

1) Complete system inspection

2) Chemical flush to remove contaminates

3) Installation of new coolant fortified with conditioner

Using a coolant exchange machine, old coolant is replaced removing rust, scale, silicate and organic sludge deposits. New fortified coolant is installed preventing corrosion with improved heat transfer characteristics.

Sixty percent of breakdowns are caused by coolant system failures. Anti-freeze is made up of ethylene glycol, water and chemical inhibitors. Vehicle coolant is mixed to provide protection against freezing, boiling over, heat transfer, foaming, deposit build up and corrosion protection of the engine’s internal components. Time, temperature extremes, agitation and chemical reactions depletes the anti-freeze inhibitors leaving a corrosive acidic- mixture. Depleted anti-freeze eats away at aluminum engine components 10 times faster than cast iron. Most new vehicle engines have aluminum heads, intake manifolds. heater cores and radiators. It is recommended in order to maximize efficiency to inspect system once a year (24,000 km) and flush the system every 2 years (48,000 km) or as required. (Dex-Cool every 100,000 – 160,000 km depending on the manufacturer.


– Maximizes the life of cooling system components-temperature sensors, head and intake gaskets, water pump, heater core and radiator, etc.

– Minimizes costly repairs to the cooling system. Engine will run more efficiently.


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