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Cooling System, Flush & Fill

Your vehicle’s cooling system requires basic maintenance just like most relied upon car parts to…Cooling System, Flush & Fill


The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division provides cooling system flush and fill services to customers in Calgary,AB,. You just hit the road for a long trip, but a few miles down the highway your temperature gauge goes into the red. Soon there’s smoke billowing out from under the hood of your vehicle due to an overheated engine. You wait for a tow truck, and who knows when you’ll be back on the road headed to your destination? If you had stopped at our facility in Calgary, AB for a routine cooling system flush and fill, this situation could have been avoided.

Your vehicle’s cooling system can experience high temperatures.  The higher the temperature, the higher the demand on your vehicle’s cooling system to bring things down to normal conditions. Your vehicle’s cooling system is responsible for carrying heat away from the engine and helping to maintain efficient operating temperatures. Excess engine heat can build in a variety of places in your car or truck’s engine. The cooling system consists of a cooling fan, water pump, and radiator. The primary purpose of these parts is to dissipate and remove heat from the engine. The cooling system accomplishes this by cycling anti-freeze and coolant to the components where heat is generated and then away to the radiator to be cooled. The radiator is a large tank with many small channels through which the coolant flows to dissipate heat. Radiator fans are located behind the radiator, which help to cool the anti-freeze or coolant. The cold coolant is pulled by the water pump through a radiator hose and into the engine, which then circulates and prevents overheating in the engine. Once the engine has reached operating temperatures, the hot coolant cycles back to the radiator where it is cooled again.

A cooling system flush and fill will ensure that your coolant continues to consistently do its job efficiently as possible. This routine maintenance will also flush out any acid or excess dirt and debris that may damage your cooling system’s water pump or clog radiator hoses. A cooling system flush and fill prevents corrosion due to old coolant. New coolant is equipped with chemicals to help slow down internal engine and radiator rust. It keeps your cooling system living longer and performing at maximum capacity. New coolant helps your car or truck’s engine run at cooler temperatures. Overall, allowing our mechanics to perform a cooling system flush and fill will prevent overheating—the most common cause of breakdowns and extensive engine damage.

Don’t let negligence get the best of you. A cooling system flush and fill is preventative maintenance, which means you shouldn’t wait for the first sign of trouble to contact our facility . Leave the troubleshooting and routine auto cooling system maintenance to our trained mechanics. Our staff is happy to offer you the best and most affordable cooling system flush and fill routine maintenance in Calgary, AB, .

Don’t sacrifice your peace of mind at the expense of saving a few dollars. Before putting your vehicle under heavy stress during an extensive road trip, schedule an appointment, or at least contact us for a quote on a cooling system flush and fill service.

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