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A radiator leak can mean big trouble for your vehicle’s cooling system if not attended to…radiator replace

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division is the leading radiator replacement shop in Calgary, AB, . While, in many cases, a radiator will last up to 150,000 miles, the first sign of trouble can be seen in a pooling green puddle under your car or truck. Often, this is a sign of coolant or anti-freeze leaking from your radiator or radiator hose. Don’t ignore this warning sign. A breakdown may not be far away. Overheating has always been the most common mechanical breakdown on the road. While cooling systems require servicing from every two years to every 30,000 miles, trouble can occur at any turn if the warning signs are not repaired by our mechanics in Calgary, AB.

Your vehicle’s cooling system is responsible for carrying heat away from the engine and helping to maintain efficient operating temperatures. Excess engine heat can build in a variety of places in your car or truck’s engine. The cooling system consists of a cooling fan, water pump, and radiator. The primary purpose of these parts is to dissipate and remove heat from the engine. The cooling system accomplishes this by cycling anti-freeze and coolant to the components where heat is generated and then away to the radiator to be cooled. The radiator is a large tank with many small channels through which the coolant flows to dissipate heat. Radiator fans are located behind the radiator, which help to cool the anti-freeze or coolant. The cold coolant is pulled by the water pump through a radiator hose and into the engine, which then circulates and prevents overheating in the engine. Once the engine has reached operating temperatures, the hot coolant cycles back to the radiator where it is cooled again. Replacing radiator hoses every four years or 100,000 Km’s  is one way to prevent a radiator replacement in the future.

Generally, corrosion from the inside and outside of the radiator will cause problems, resulting in a leak. A severely corroded radiator core is cause for a radiator replacement. Over time, the channels or hoses to your car or truck’s radiator can become blocked with debris cycled through from the engine with dirty coolant. This debris can build up and completely clog your vehicle’s cooling system. Regular scheduled maintenance and service appointments will ensure that our mechanics keep your cooling system and radiator working at maximum efficiency. But don’t wait to visit us in Rochester, MN for a routine cooling system maintenance. Neglecting cooling system and radiator maintenance can lead to more expensive and expansive engine repairs in the future.

Our radiator and cooling system specialists will accurately target cooling system problems ranging from a clogged radiator core to low engine coolant to a malfunctioning cooling fan. Our facility in Rochester, MN is ready to serve you and service your vehicle in times of emergencies or routine maintenance. Our staff is happy to offer you the best and most affordable cooling system and radiator repair services in Calgary, AB. At the first sign of trouble, schedule an appointment or contact us for a quote on performing routine maintenance on your vehicle’s cooling system or radiator.

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