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Drivability / Hard Starting Diagnosis

Most diesel engine drivability and hard start problems in Calgary, AB, will pointhard to start

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division provides drivability and hard starting diagnostics to customers in Rochester, Calgary, AB,. So far, in the life of your car or truck’s diesel engine system, maintenance has been quick, painless and relatively affordable. But suddenly as you round a corner in your neighborhood in Calgary, AB, as if on cue the smell of smoke fills the air, alerting you to some unknown new issue with your car or truck’s diesel engine. If you call in to our facility now, we’ll probably ask if there is any smoke coming from the exhaust of your car or truck.

Maybe there is no smoke at all. Maybe your car or truck’s diesel engine system is hard starting. Low compression inside the diesel engine can result in an insufficient amount of heat generated during the combustion process. This problem is generally seen in cars or trucks with a little over 500,000 Km,s. If the engine is not able to turn over fast enough, the fuel injector pump will not generate enough pressure to activate the start of the injection. This is a symptom of diesel engines that experience hard starting during the colder months of the year, which is why scheduling routine diesel engine system maintenance before the colder weather sets in is always a good idea. Otherwise, drivability and hard start issues may be caused by low cranking speeds or flat batteries. Drivability and hard start issues are also a result of faulty glow plugs, insufficient fuel supply, petrol contamination, and blocked fuel injectors. A faulty turbocharger may also point to hard starting problems if the waste gate sticks, which will cause the vehicle to blow excessive smoke. Basic diesel engine problems with bearings, pistons, and oil pressure can also cause drivability and hard starting issues. Some internal diesel engine problems can be avoided by simply keeping up with scheduling regular oil changes. Because temperatures grow even hotter in diesel engines, keeping the oil clean and new helps with lubrication of all working components while also with removing dirt and debris that can clog important players in the diesel engine combustion process.

When it comes down to it, drivability and hard start issues can point to a number of faulty components inside your car or truck’s diesel engine system. Because diesel engine systems usually perform at a desired level of efficiency before hitting the 500,000 Km,s mark, if you are experiencing any drivability or hard starting issues before then, be sure to contact us a our facility in Calgary, AB soon as possible.

The earlier our mechanics can catch a potential problem with your car or truck’s diesel engine system, the more money you will likely save on a repair service in Calgary, AB,or . Don’t put up with diesel engine drivability and hard start issues simply because you think the reliability you have always known in your diesel engine is going to last forever. Diesel engines require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation just like regular gasoline engines in other cars and trucks. Call our facility today to make an appointment for a quick and accurate diesel engine drivability and hard start diagnostic service.

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