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Excessive Noise Diagnosis

Excessive Noise DiagnosisDiesel engines compress a larger volume of gas into the same space as a regular gasoline engine….

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division provides excessive noise diagnosis services to customers in Calgary, AB  . There is a certain amount of noise you will become familiar with while operating a car or truck with a diesel engine system in Calgary, AB . Most of this noise comes from the diesel engine combustion process, where the compression of fuel and air is intensified by three times the rate of a regular gasoline power vehicle. With power comes the byproduct of the explosions erupting during the combustion process inside a diesel engine. But sometimes diesel engine noise becomes excessive to the point where you have to wonder if your diesel engine system is alerting you to a bigger problem down the road. In all cases, coming into our facility in Calgary, AB  for a diesel engine excessive noise diagnosis is a good idea. Our mechanics pride themselves on discovering the root of the problem of excessive noise in order to perform a minor repair that, if left unchecked, might have developed into a larger problem down the road. A preemptive diesel engine excessive noise diagnosis for your car or truck can save you time, trouble, and money down the road.

The first step against any diesel engine with excessive noise in Calgary, AB is keeping up with your car or truck’s regularly scheduled oil changes. There are a variety of regular knocks and pings that ring out during the combustion process, and sometimes many of the internal noises are coming from insufficient lubrication. Fuel injectors can cause a certain amount of noise during the combustion process too. Dialing down fuel injector noise can be as simple as changing the fuel injector nozzle or pump.

If your car or truck’s diesel engine system is equipped with a turbocharger, the noise you may be hearing might be coming from a bad turbocharger. As you accelerate, you might also hear rattling or whining, which could be from worn gears or shafts inside the turbocharger. In our experience, worn bearings inside turbochargers have been known to cause loud grinding noises in Calgary, AB .

Sometimes the excessive noise sounds deeper than other easily diagnosed issues, in which case our mechanics will want to inspect your diesel engine’s cylinders, piston rings, valves, and steam seals. Our mechanics will also look for breaks and cracks in the actual casing of the engine.

After you have been driving a car or truck with diesel engine for a certain period of time, you should be able to distinguish between the right amount of noise and the wrong amount of noise. But sometimes there’s still a fine line between what’s normal and what’s an early symptom of a greater issue with your diesel engine system. If you ever have any concerns over excessive noise coming from your diesel engine system, simply call one of our mechanics or stop in to one of our locations in Calgary, AB. Our mechanics have years of experience diagnosing excessive noise issues in diesel engine system. There is no problem too large or too small for our team of auto professionals. Make an appointment today.

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