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Glow Plug Service / Replacement

Your car or truck’s diesel engine system has been so reliable through the years that it seemed like…Glow Plug Service / Replacement

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division provides glow plug service and replacement services to customers in Calgary, AB. A month of bitter cold mornings has finally returned to Calgary,AB. While all cars and trucks experience a few moments of hesitation while starting in the coldest of weather, a slow starting diesel engine can be an early sign of glow plug trouble. A diesel engine that is slow to start might also emit white smoke until the engine finally becomes heated. This white smoke is a sure sign of glow plug trouble.

Inside your car or truck’s diesel engine, the glow plugs have the responsibility of aiding the combustion process by adding more heat to the compression of air and fuel for a quicker start. Most glow plugs are equipped with a dual core in order to regulate the temperature, depending on the resistance inside the combustion process.

The process inside your diesel engine also depends on the fuel injectors, which inject fuel into the combustion process. But sometimes, these injectors might drip excess fuel onto a glow plug. That fuel will slowly erode the heating elements of the glow plug. A group of glow plugs that experience failure all at once are most likely the result of a high charge from a battery or some other odd spike in voltage in your car or truck. On some models of cars and trucks with diesel engine systems, the electronic dashboard warning systems can fail to alert you of a possible problem with a glow plug. A rough idle and engine hesitation are both symptoms of bad glow plugs. Be mindful of the smoke that comes out during the combustion process. If the smoke is white, contact our facility in Calgary, AB as soon as possible to schedule a glow plug service and potential replacement.

While glow plugs aid in igniting the combustion process, a slow starting diesel engine system may actually be an early symptom of weak compression inside your engine. But the only way for us to come to this conclusion is to inspect your diesel engine system and its accompanying glow plugs during a glow plug service at our location in Calgary,AB.

Any glow plug service will begin by testing the volt output of each glow plug. Our mechanics will measure the current draw of each individual plug, trying to find a low current draw in the glow plug tending toward failure. While there is no standard repair interval for glow plugs, conducting a current test with an ohmmeter will give an indication of when that glow plug may fail.

Our facility—equipped with cutting edge technology required to effectively service and repair diesel engine systems—services all cars and trucks with diesel engine systems in Calgary, AB  . You need a team of auto professionals with a history of servicing diesel engine systems who you can trust. We pride ourselves on having mechanics who possess quality customer service skills along with a wide knowledge base of diesel engine systems to ensure that you receive quick answers and accurate repairs. If you have been experiencing problems with your diesel engine system starting up, then schedule an appointment today for a glow plug service and possible replacement.

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