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Turbocharger Repair / Replacement

Ever since you had your car or truck’s diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger, your start-up…Turbocharger Repair / Replacement

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division is the leading turbocharger repair and replacement shop in Calgary, AB, . If you plan on doing some heavy towing in Calgary, AB, then a turbocharger may help with increasing the firing power of the pistons inside your diesel engine system. A turbocharger is actually a type of force induction system that forces more air into the compression process inside your diesel engine system. More air inside the combustion chamber means more fuel added by your diesel system’s fuel injectors. Turbochargers provide more power through increasing the number of explosions within each cylinder inside your diesel engine system during the combustion process. A turbocharger will make the engine burn through more fuel, yet equipping your diesel engine system with a turbocharger offers the advantage of increasing engine power by more than fifty percent.

A turbocharger repair and replacement procedure on your car or truck in Calgary, AB can result in smoother turbocharger boosts. Sometimes the initial boost will start a few seconds after stepping on the gas, resulting in a lunge ahead. A lack of turbocharger performance may be due to cracks or leaks in the housing. There may also be an unusual accumulation of oil on the housing, or excessive movement of bearings or other wheels during the process of increasing compression inside your diesel engine system. Basically, a turbocharger repair or replacement will result from improper lubrication, damage from exterior dirt and debris, or over-speeding of the internal turbocharger components. During any turbocharger repair and replacement service in Calgary, AB, our mechanics will individually inspect the turbine wheel, turbine housing, compressor wheel, compressor housing, waste gate, compressor bypass valve, and intercooler.

One way to increase the life of your turbocharger is to allow the maximum amount of warm up time for your car or truck’s diesel engine system. Once the diesel engine is warmed up, the proper amount of oil will have already circulated through the engine and into the turbocharger. This will ensure that all working areas of your turbocharger are properly lubricated before you plan on utilizing any extra boost during the combustion process. Believe it or not, another aspect of turbocharger maintenance is keeping up with your car or truck’s oil changes. Lubrication is extremely important for turbochargers and keeping your oil clean and new will only help increase the life of your turbocharger. Letting your diesel engine system idle before shutting down is also beneficial to the life of your turbocharger. This will ensure that the speed inside the turbocharger slows while the internal temperature begins to decrease.

It’s important to shop around for any auto repair service before you settle on the facility that’s right for you. But keep in mind that not all garages have experience working with diesel engine systems and turbochargers. Rest assured, when you schedule a turbocharger repair and replacement at our facility, you are siding with a team of auto professionals who know the ins and outs of diesel engine systems and turbocharger repair and maintenance. We have been servicing turbochargers in both cars and high-powered trucks in Calgary, AB,  and for years. Contact us today to learn more about improving the efficiency of your car or truck’s turbocharger while learning important maintenance tips from our auto professionals.

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