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Dashboard Warning Diagnostic

When your dashboard lights up with a warning, the manufacturer of your vehicle is telling you that…Dashboard Warning Diagnostic

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division provides dashboard warning diagnostic services to customers in Calgary, AB , most vehicles come equipped with a dashboard warning system.  Your dashboard warning system is a complex, inter-related on board system that keeps tabs on the mechanical and electrical processes of your car or truck.  A warning light will go on after the computer receives a signal from one of the mechanical or electrical systems that has veered outside of its normal operating parameters.  Some lights may go off in error, though some lights are signs of immediate trouble with the standard mechanical or electrical processes in your car or truck.  In most cases, these lights go off as a cautionary alert to a potential problem with your vehicle. So as soon as a dashboard warning lights up on your car or truck’s dashboard, come in to our facility for a dashboard warning diagnostic so we can assess the legitimacy of the warning and determine whether or not a repair service is necessary.

When a warning light goes off on your dashboard, our mechanics will do a few things as part of our dashboard warning diagnostic in order to determine the correct course of action in Calgary, AB.  First, our mechanics will perform an on board computer system analysis to critical sensor data and status information. Then we will perform verification tests in order to determine if the system meets proper specifications.  This usually includes an analysis of engine vacuum and back pressure, mechanical and electrical engine timing, as well as the ignition, fuel, and emissions systems.  Our pinpoint testing will allow us to make an accurate diagnostic determination through working along wiring diagrams, performing electrical and mechanical tests, performing bi-directional control tests and a visual inspection of the suspect areas within your car or truck.  Before any course of action is determined, we will research the dashboard warning through technical service bulletins, which will determine whether or not the problem associated with your vehicle is a known issue and whether a repair service should be performed.  Finally, during the final step in our dashboard warning diagnostic, our mechanics will either perform a parts replacement or a wiring repair and/or replacement.  We may also clean electrical connections and components.  We may also perform updates indicated in the technical service bulletin update.  Upon completion of the repair, our mechanics may also update your car or truck’s computer software.  A dashboard warning diagnostic will fully assess your vehicle’s warning system, correct the problem associated with the initial warning, and end with a complete update of your vehicle’s dashboard warning system.

Our mechanics in Calgary, AB have been trained to accurately assess all problems associated with your car or truck’s dashboard warning system and quickly determine a course of action.  We have been diagnosing electrical and mechanical issues on vehicles in Calgary, AB, for years.  We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service coupled with speedy and accurate repairs performed by trained mechanics.  Don’t ignore a dashboard warning when we are only miles away.  Call today for an appointment for a dashboard warning diagnostic so you can rest easy while cruising toward your destination

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