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Interior/Exterior Lighting Repair

Your safety and the performance of your vehicle are at jeopardy when your car or truck’s interior…Interior Exterior Lighting Repair

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division provides interior and exterior lighting repair services to customers in Calgary, AB . So you are driving in Calgary, AB. and suddenly your car or truck’s high beams refuse to brighten. Maybe you are trying to look for something important in the glove compartment and you discover that the mini bulb has burned out. Or maybe you attempt to make a turn only to discover that your turn signal fails to alert the car behind you. Don’t wait for an interior and exterior lighting problem affect your ability to be a safe and efficient driver. It’s not worth the trouble and it sure isn’t worth a citation from a police officer for a burned out headlight.

When there’s an error in communication in the electrical processes involved in your vehicle’s interior and exterior lighting systems, you can count on our technicians to quickly and accurately locate and repair the problematic component. Our auto mechanics will repair wiring harnesses and connectors along with solder repair and electrical wiring. We can diagnose and determine the cause of brighter than normal lights, intermittent lights, dim lights, or no light operation at all. During an interior and exterior lighting repair service, we will quickly replace and install headlights and light bulbs. We can correct intermittent turning signal and hazard light operation.

We pride ourselves on maintaining good working relationships with all major manufacturers for brake lights, headlights, and hazard lights in order to offer you affordable replacement parts during an interior and exterior lighting repair service in Calgary, AB.

If your dashboard warning lights are acting up, we will also diagnose and correct inoperative driver information systems. Proper working interior lights are as important as the exterior lights on your car or truck. If the wiring behind your dashboard is malfunctioning, then you need to know about it. Electrical sensors tend to wear out before mechanical components may fail. You need to be able to accurately monitor the internal processes of your car or truck. Our mechanics can perform an electrical diagnostic on the interior lights of your vehicle to ensure that you are receiving proper warnings to check your engine, change your oil, or receive the proper fault code for other possible errors. Our certified technicians are experts in LED lighting, HID and Xenon lighting.

If you’ve never touched a voltmeter in your life in Calgary, AB, and have no experience with electrical maintenance, then don’t bother troubleshooting any issue plaguing your car or truck’s interior and exterior lighting on your own. Leave the interior and exterior lighting repairs to mechanics with the proper training and years of experience for quick and efficient repairs. We are proud to offer speedy interior and exterior lighting repair services so you can resume your travels.

We are happy to provide quality customer service and thorough interior and exterior lighting repair and maintenance in Calgary, AB,. Don’t wait for the first sign of trouble while cruising down the highway or making that midnight drive home alone from a party. Make an appointment with our team of trusted auto mechanics today for an interior and exterior lighting repair service.

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