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Power Locks Repair

We can all sometimes take our power locks systems for granted in Calgary, AB.  But like…Power Locks Repair

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division is the leading power locks repair shop in Calgary, AB,  a power lock malfunction can be either an electrical or mechanical failure concerning the locking procedure of a door on your car or truck.  A mechanical problem might be due to an actuator issue.  The actuator is a small device inside the vehicle that controls all mechanical movement concerning door-locking procedures.  An electrical problem could be due to a wiring issue inside the door panel, or a bug in your car or truck’s computer software. In any case, our auto mechanics have encountered most electrical and mechanical issues plaguing power locks through the years. There’s nothing we can’t handle.

When it comes to power locks repair in Calgary, AB, our mechanics can locate shorts, grounds, open, and resistance problems in electrical wiring circuits inside the door panel of your car or truck.  Our mechanics can repair wiring harnesses and connectors along with solder repair and electrical wiring.

Most problems our mechanics see with power locks on most models of cars and trucks in Calgary, AB concern the actuator.  While there are sometimes electrical issues with the actuator unable to receive power from lose wires, many times the actuator itself is causing a power locks problem.  Do you hear a clicking noise coming from the lock itself?  If so, this could also point to a more serious problem with the actuator.  The clicking or ticking sound in your car or truck’s power locks may be a ground wire that has come loose from the actuator.  The noise you hear is actually electrical energy jumping from the wire onto metal, which can be a serious fire hazard.  If you hear a clicking or ticking noise coming from inside your power locks, we recommend contacting us immediately for a power locks repair service that will save you from coping with a much bigger headache down the road.

Most issues with your actuator is easily fixed through replacing the actuator with a replacement part bought from the manufacturer or an aftermarket part found through another vendor.  If affordable defines your budget, our good standing reputation with most manufacturers will ensure that we find the right part in terms of vehicle compatibility and price.

Many remote door openers can fail electronically too.  Some door remotes even fail as soon as 20,000 or 30,000 Km’s.  Sometimes an electrical power lock problem originates in a broken or blown fuse.  Bring all of your power lock problems to our mechanics in Calgary, AB, and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem in no time at all.

We have been servicing and repairing power locks on all models of cars and trucks in Calgary, AB, for years.  Call today to make an appointment for an inspection so we can offer you a quote on a power locks repair service and get you back out on the highway headed toward your destination.

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