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Power Sunroof Repair

A leak in your power sunroof in the summertime can be a headache, while a leak in your power…Power Sunroof Repair

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division is the leading power sunroof repair shop in Calgary, AB, . Is a broken power sunroof detracting from your summer fun? Is a leaky sunroof causing you headaches during the mid-winter months? Drive no further than our location in Calgary, AB where we can locate the problem, resolve the issue, and get you back out on the road with a working power sunroof.

So how does a power sunroof work? A small motor mechanically opens and closes the power sunroof using small rods. When you push a button on your car or truck’s dashboard, the motor spins and the sunroof opens. This motor draws electrical energy from your car or truck’s battery. Since all power sunroofs are operated via electrical power that comes from your car or truck’s battery, sometimes this connection can become compromised. A network of wires connects the power sunroof to the battery. If these connections are weakened in some way, our certified mechanics will run an electrical diagnostic in order to determine where the current might be held up in relation to the other interconnected components involved in your car and truck’s electrical and electronic system.

Our mechanics in Calgary, AB are trained to accurately assess all problems associated with electrical and electronic systems to quickly determine an affordable course of action. Our mechanics are familiar with panoramic, slide back, and flip up power sunroofs. Our power sunroof repair services include repairing broken glass, replacing sunroof motors, and replacing sunroof track assembly. Our careful and intuitive mechanics will align your car or truck’s power sunroof glass and parts assembly. We can replace your power sunroof track assembly, headliners, and switches. We will install original manufactured parts or after-market parts in order to offer you the most affordable price on power sunroof replacement parts. We can repair clogged sunroof hoses. Our mechanics will also service your power sunroof assembly to ensure all components are in fine working order. If you cannot pinpoint the exact problem with your power sunroof, our auto mechanics can troubleshoot and diagnose the issue for you when you visit us for a power sunroof repair appointment. We will even offer you a quote before we perform the service to ensure that you are receiving the most affordable power sunroof repair available in Calgary, AB.

In some cases, a power sunroof replacement service may not be right for your situation. Sometimes a leaky sunroof is caused by dirt and debris caught in the tubes and channels within your power sunroof’s drainage and water management system. In this case, an auto mechanic will clear out the obstructions and ensure that your power sunroof seals tight when closed.

We have been servicing and repairing power sunroofs on all models of cars and trucks in Calgary, AB,  for years. If you have problems of leaking water, worn out tracks and regulators, or broken glass, then we can offer you quick and affordable power sunroof repair services. Call today to make an appointment for an inspection so we can offer you a quote on a power sunroof repair service and get you back out on the highway with the wind whipping through your hair.

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