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Battery, ReplaceA bad battery has the potential to leave you waiting for a tow truck out on the open road in…

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division is the leading battery replacement shop in Calgary , AB . On an afternoon in Calgary,AB, it might begin this way: You’ll turn the key in the ignition. You’ll hear clicking sounds coming from under the hood. And now you’re stuck in the parking lot outside your office building. But what could be responsible for delaying your commute home? Is it the alternator? What about your car or truck’s battery?

There are a few factors that contribute to shortening the life of your battery: where you live, how you drive, and the conditions of your car or truck’s charging terminals. On average, a battery should last you about four years. You should keep track of your battery’s life and talk to one of our mechanics when the time arrives for a replacement. Better yet, let our mechanics check a few electrical efficiencies during your car or truck’s next inspection: cranking amp capacity of the battery, electrical draw of the starter, and electrical output of the alternator. We will also check the electrical components of your vehicle’s charging system, such as the battery terminal. After a battery diagnostic in Calgary,AB, our mechanics can pinpoint the remaining life left on your vehicle’s battery.

Your car or truck’s battery is the power source of most electrical components under the hood. The battery supplies electricity to the starter and the alternator, which are both required to start the engine. After the engine starts, your vehicle’s charging system will continue routing power to the other electrical components. Other battery responsibilities include routing power to the ignition, motor, fuel system, and other electrical components involved in starting the engine. The battery is also responsible for providing power to the car radio, digital clock, door locks, and car alarms.

There are other factors that can contribute to a battery’s demise. Extreme temperatures have an impact on the internal chemicals of your car or truck’s battery. Short commutes and brief trips in Calgary, AB will result in the battery never fully accepting a charge. Undercharges, or acid stratification, will quickly eat away at the interior chemicals contained in your battery, thereby shortening the life of your battery.

Remember: A dead engine does not necessarily mean that the battery is dead. For example, the alternator sends power to other electrical components in your vehicle and runs off of power from the battery. If your car or truck refuses to start, or if you hear clicking sounds from underneath the hood of your vehicle, then it could be possible that the alternator is the culprit for a dead engine. While it’s true that these same symptoms can point to battery problems, our mechanics will only be able to correctly identify the problem if you bring your car or truck in at the first sign of trouble. Don’t wait to phone us from the road.

We have been providing customers with battery replacements for years in Calgary , AB, . We are happy to offer a wide selection of affordable batteries for most models of cars and trucks. If you schedule an appointment today for a battery diagnostic, our mechanics might be able to predict when your battery plans to lose the last of its juice. So schedule an appointment to have your battery tested today.

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