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If your car refuses to start in Calgary , AB you might be quick to blame the battery. But… Starter, Replace

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division is the leading starter replacement shop in Calgary , AB . So your car or truck refuses to start in Calgary , AB. Think you know the culprit? It could be the battery. It could also be the alternator. It might even be the starter. The battery, starter, and alternator, along with other important components under the hood, are involved in multiple electrical processes required to start your car or truck’s engine. It’s important to keep all of these components in proper operating conditions, but when you find trouble in a breakdown on the road, it’s important to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately so you don’t waste time replacing parts that aren’t, well, part of the problem. When you bring your car or truck in for an inspection in Calgary , AB, our mechanics will troubleshoot your vehicle’s entire starting and charging system in order to pinpoint the real reason for your engine refusing to start.

So what exactly does it take for your car or truck to begin running on liquid fuel? First, your battery sends electrical energy to the starter, which then turns on the alternator. From there, the alternator provides starting power to the engine. If the starter is broken or worn out, your car will not start, and it won’t start until you bring your car or truck in to our facility for a starter replacement. Most importantly, your vehicle’s starting and charging system, the battery, the alternator, and the starter, are all connected to your engine. Without proper maintenance, even a minor failure in your starting and charging system can leave you stranded and waiting for roadside assistance.

In Calgary , AB, extreme temperatures can especially take their toll on your vehicle’s starter. For example, basic internal wiring may be affected and lose connection. Inside the starter there are teeth that help move the crankshaft and pistons. These teeth can degrade over time and through dirt and debris lodged inside. The internal working components of your starter are enclosed in the starter’s metal casing and are often not worth replacing on their own. The solenoid, which is an internal starter component, helps to turn the engine over. But sometimes the solenoid may become cracked or broken. Without a working solenoid, the necessary electrical energy will not be sent to the rest of the components to begin running your car or truck on liquid fuel. A full starter replacement can help ensure that your vehicle starts when you turn the key in the ignition.

When it comes to the startup procedures of your car or truck, there’s no reason to wait for disaster to strike to get you thinking about proper starter maintenance. In the event that your vehicle fails to start, call us for an inspection that may result in a starter replacement. We have been servicing the auto needs of starting and charging systems in Calgary , AB,  for years, and we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of affordable starter models to give you a good price on a replacement and service. So schedule an appointment today for an inspection, or call us from the roadside for a quick and accurate starter replacement service.

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