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Starting & Charging System Check

How many times have you asked for a jump-start from a fellow driver in Calgary, AB? If the…Starting & Charging System Check

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division staffs the best starting and charging system check mechanics in Calgary, AB,  . If you choose to take the electrical components underneath your hood for granted, you may find that extreme temperatures in Calgary, AB can cause you splitting headaches and mid-travel woes. Your car or truck’s starting and charging system contains the battery, alternator, and starter, which helps power everything from simple components like headlights, the radio, and power windows to electric heaters, navigation systems, and DVD players. Most importantly, your vehicle’s starting and charging system is connected to your engine, and without proper maintenance, even a minor failure in your starting and charging system can leave you stranded.

In Calgary, AB, it’s always a good idea to schedule a starting and charging system inspection before the extreme temperatures hit. Extreme heat causes evaporation, which may lead to battery failure. At the same time, extreme cold can damage the chemicals inside your vehicle’s battery, which affects its cranking power. Colder weather also places additional demands on your vehicle’s battery. It’s important to be assured that your starting and charging system are operating at maximum efficiency.

How does the starting and charging system work and why is overall maintenance important? For one, the battery, starting, and charging systems are involved in multiple electrical processes. Without a properly maintained starting and charging system, your engine will refuse to run, no matter how hard you turn your key in the ignition.

During a starting and charging system inspection at our facility, our experienced auto mechanics will perform a system check on your battery. We’ll be able to estimate the life remaining on your battery and the temperatures that will mostly likely cause a sudden failure. We’ll also check your battery’s cranking amp capacity, the electrical draw of the starter, and the electrical output of the alternator. We will clean your battery terminals and replace cables that have been damaged by corrosion. A starting and charging system inspection also includes an inspection of the alternator belt, which is an integral part of your vehicle’s charging system. A loose or broken belt is the most common culprit of a starting and charging system failure. By the end of a starting and charging system inspection, our mechanics will have ensured that all of the electrical components within your vehicle’s charging system are operating at maximum capacity.

Since your car or truck’s battery supplies electrical energy to your vehicle’s ignition system and starter, a dead battery means you’ll be traveling to your next repair by tow truck in Calgary, AB. But there’s no reason to wait for disaster to strike. A starting and charging system inspection—without the required maintenance—will take our mechanics only 15 minutes to provide you with a status on your vehicle’s starting and charging system. All you have to do is schedule an appointment.

We have been servicing the auto needs of starting and charging systems in Calgary, AB, for years. We pride ourselves on maintaining quality customer service and good relationships with parts manufacturers in order to offer you affordable replacements as needed. Schedule an appointment for a starting and charging system inspection today to save you a potential failure later, or call our facility for a full starting and charging system quote for your car or truck.

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