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Four Wheel Drive Systems

The four wheel drive system on your car or truck endures some heavy stress driving on the roads…

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The Car Salon, Tirecraft division is the leading four wheel drive systems repair shop in Calgary, AB . There are many advantages to owning a car or truck with a four wheel drive system in Byron, MN. But no matter the make or model of your car or truck, all maintenance on four wheel drive systems is basically the same.

There are some key features of four wheel drive systems that are the same between models of cars and trucks. Each four wheel drive system has a locking differential, which means that both wheels on the axle can turn together in order to achieve maximum traction. A limited-slip differential will detect a slide or slip in one wheel and then send torque to the other wheel in order to regain traction. Manual hubs require you to manually engage the front wheel drive mechanism in order to fully engage the four wheel drive system. An automatic hubs option will let you automatically commands the front wheels in order to engage the four-wheel drive system. Switching into automatic hubs can often be achieved with the mere switch of a button. If you plan on hauling heavy equipment through Calgary, AB , then the transfer gearbox will allow you to shift from high to low range.

Each four wheel drive system in Calgary, AB has a transfer case, locking hubs, and a front and rear differential system. When you have your transfer case inspected by our mechanics, they will check for the proper level of fluid, inspect for unusual amounts of moisture, and the presence of dirt, debris, and other wear particles. Our mechanics will also add new lubricant to your transfer case. Maintenance on a four wheel drive system transfer case can vary between 80,000 and 120,000 by model of car or truck. Since the locking hubs switch between two and four wheel drive, maintenance is crucial for smooth and consistent levels of performance. Our mechanics will disassemble your locking hubs, thoroughly clean the locking hub, and then provide new lubrication. Locking hub maintenance is usually performed every two years or every 35,000 Km’s. A differential repair service will involve the draining of old fluid from the differential and re-filling it with new, clean fluid to keep it lubricated and working strong.

Maintenance on four wheel drive systems will differ from vehicle to vehicle, which is why it is important to consult your owner’s manual or with a mechanic on the proper intervals between services on your four wheel drive system. Tough terrain—like dirt roads, unpaved or gravel roads—in Calgary, AB  can have a heavier impact on the life of your four wheel drive system. When scheduling a four wheel drive system service, you should consider where you drive most often and how much time your vehicle spends traversing difficult terrain.

If you value smooth four wheel drive system performance, then you should regularly seek four wheel drive system maintenance from our experienced auto mechanics. We’re happy to provide quality four-wheel drive system maintenance for Calgary, AB , . Make an appointment with us today or stop in to speak with a member of our auto repair team to learn more about your particular car or truck’s four wheel drive system.

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