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If you have a four-wheel drive system on your car or truck in Calgary,AB, then you have…4-Wheel Drive Hub Repair Replacement

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division is the leading four-wheel drive system hub repair and replacement shop in Calgary,AB. The locking hubs on your vehicle’s four-wheel drive system are an important system of teeth and gears that allow your car or truck to switch in and out of four-wheel drive. In Calgary,AB, no matter the model of car or truck, four-wheel drive hub repair and maintenance is crucial for the overall life of your four-wheel drive system.

Depending on your model of car or truck in Calgary, AB. four-wheel drive locking hubs repairs and replacements can vary from every two years or 40,000 to 50,000 Km’s. From model to model, the way your four-wheel drive system’s hubs operate can also differ. In most cases, the locking hubs will allow the driver to disengage the front wheels while the car or truck is in motion, though some hubs require you to stop the vehicle completely before engaging or disengaging from the four-wheel drive hubs. When torque is applied to the drive shaft or your four-wheel drive system, the internal mechanism inside the hub slides in and locks into place. If you have your transfer case routing power to all four wheels involved in your four-wheel drive system, the hub will remain locked in place until you disengage the hub. If you decide to disengage four-wheel drive, the hub slides back out and allows the front wheels to turn independently of the axle shaft.

There can be a variety of reasons you begin to have trouble with your four-wheel drive system’s locking hubs. Locking hubs can experience trouble when mud enters the hub. Rust and worn internal components can also prevent the internal mechanism from sliding in and locking the hub. The first sign of trouble can be heard in grinding noises when shifting into four-wheel drive. Another sign of front-wheel drive hub trouble can be seen in a vehicle that is a more difficult to steer at lower speeds. If you avoid grinding noises and basic hub maintenance in Calgary, AB you may find yourself stuck in snow or mud with front-wheel drive that refuse to engage. The opposite can also happen, where the hubs refuse to disengage, which means more fuel consumption and increased front tire wear due to being stuck in four-wheel drive. Don’t let your four-wheel drive start breaking down your wallet. Let our mechanics inspect your four-wheel drive hubs at the first sign of trouble.

Tougher than usual terrain in Calgary, AB can have a heavier impact on the life of your four-wheel drive system’s locking hubs, so be wary of the surfaces you drive over most and adjust your maintenance schedule accordingly. Diagnosing and accurately repairing four-wheel drive locking hubs can be a challenge. You should consult with a mechanic at our facility if you are experiencing trouble engaging and disengaging your hubs.

If you value consistency when operating your four-wheel drive locking hubs, then you should regularly seek four-wheel drive hub repairs and replacements from our experienced auto mechanics. We’re happy to provide quality four-wheel drive hub repairs and replacements in Calgary, AB, . Don’t delay a repair or replacement for your four-wheel drive system’s locking hubs. Make an appointment today.

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