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Heating & Air ConditioningWhat’s more important than deciding what tunes to cruise to? How about accurately regulating the Air Conditioning & Heating Service, Air Conditioning system Diagnostic, Heating System Service, Heating System Diagnostic.

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division is the leading heating and air conditioning service shop in Calgary, AB. It’s the middle of summer in Calgary, AB. You forgot to check the weather before heading out on your lengthy morning commute to work, and now your vehicle’s air conditioning is on the fritz in the middle of a heat wave. Or, the first unexpected winter weather of the season hits. You leave work early to find your vehicle’s windshield beneath a solid sheet of ice, and now your vehicle’s heating system will only blow cold air through the defrosters.

Your vehicle’s heating or air conditioning system is liable to fail when you need it the most. Regularly scheduled maintenance on your vehicle’s air conditioner or heating system will improve working efficiency, which will keep the internal environment of your vehicle feeling comfortable as you head toward your destination. Don’t get caught in a situation that leaves you and your vehicle at a disadvantage when the weather is working against you. Come in for an evaluation, routine maintenance, or repair service in Calgary, AB.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating system are two distinct operations, though they both depend on a cycle of processes to help regulate the internal temperature of your car or truck. Your vehicle’s air conditioning removes hot air from the interior vehicle compartment and replaces it with cool air. This process is powered by a compressor that pressurizes hot air cabin air with refrigerant. This pressurization results in cool air blown into your vehicle. This continuous cycle of air compression is dependent on the compressor’s drive belt, or serpentine belt, which may sometimes become cracked and damaged. The heating system has a cooling system that absorbs excess engine heat through a coolant,a mixture of water and anti-freeze. Hoses carry the coolant from the engine to the radiator, where the heat is expelled into the outside air. Your vehicle’s heating system circulates the heated coolant to the heater core located in your vehicle’s dashboard, which then directs the warm air outflow into your vehicle’s interior compartment. This cycle depends on the heater hoses that carry the coolant from the engine to the heater core where the heat can finally warm the inside of your vehicle.

If your head is already spinning from all the details, then don’t worry. Leave it up to our knowledgeable mechanics in Calgary, AB. To troubleshoot your vehicle’s air conditioning or heating systems. Let our mechanics diagnose the problem quickly and accurately so that you and your vehicle can get back out on the road with an air conditioning or heating system operating at maximum efficiency.

Our staff looks forward to offering you the best and most affordable auto air conditioning and heating system maintenance and repairs for your vehicle in  Calgary, AB. Our facility is equipped with the specialized tools for speedy and accurate repairs on your car or truck. Why leave this kind of work in the hands of an amateur? Schedule an appointment or contact us for a quote on repairing either your vehicle’s air conditioning or heating system.

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