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Before you plan your first getaway of the summer, you should have the status of your vehicle’s air…Air Conditioning Service

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides air conditioning system diagnostics to customers in Calgary, AB. If you’re planning a summer road trip, then you should schedule an auto air conditioning diagnostic to coincide with your travel plans. Don’t leave Calgary, AB. without making an appointment with our well-established maintenance and repair services. Don’t let a broken down air conditioner mess with your rest and relaxation. But then again, why wait for that first big road trip of the summer to check the status of your vehicle’s air conditioner? Plan ahead. Routine air conditioning maintenance will keep your car or truck’s air conditioning running at maximum efficiency.

Your vehicle’s air conditioner is designed to remove hot air from the interior cabin of your vehicle and replace it with cool air. This air conditioning process is powered by a compressor, which pressurizes the hot air with refrigerant. This pressurization results in cool air blown into your vehicle. This continuous cycle of air compression is dependent on the compressor’s drive belt, or serpentine belt, which may sometimes become cracked and damaged. But keep in mind that breakdowns can occur at any stage of the air conditioning process. Your vehicle’s air conditioning may become damaged due to low levels of refrigerant, clogged condensers, system leaks, or compressor failures. To the untrained eye, it might not be possible to accurately identify the problem plaguing your vehicle’s air conditioning unit. So leave the diagnostic and troubleshooting to our experienced mechanics in Calgary, AB.

An air conditioning diagnostic may include an inspection of the air conditioning compressor belt, an inspection of the air conditioner for leaks or damage, and an operation check of other air conditioning components. We may also perform a vacuum test and a full recharge of the air conditioning system—including your vehicle’s refrigerant. Our mechanics will repair or replace cooling fans and condenser coils as necessary to help keep your car or truck cool during the summer months.

Our staff looks forward to offering you the best and most affordable auto air conditioning diagnostic, maintenance, and repairs for your vehicle in Calgary, AB.. Our facility is equipped with the specialized tools required for speedy and accurate repairs on your car or truck. Why leave this kind of work in the hands of an amateur? Our mechanics know the ins and outs of air conditioning and will perform a thorough diagnostic on your car or truck’s air conditioner. Schedule an appointment or contact us for a quote on an auto air conditioning diagnostic for your car or truck. Spend time at an auto repair center now so you can hit the beach early later.

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