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Before the coldest months of the year come to Calgary, AB. stop in to see our mechanics for…Heating System Service

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides heating system diagnostics to customers in Calgary, AB. The first snowstorm of the season has hit Calgary, AB. You clear the snow out of the driveway just in time to get in your vehicle and make it to work—or so you think. You get inside your vehicle to find that your defrosters have been blowing cold air the whole time, and your vehicle’s windshield is still frosted over with ice. Not only can you forget about making it to work on time, but now you need an appointment for your vehicle’s heating system as soon as possible.

Don’t wait for the first cold day of winter to consider having your vehicle’s heating system inspected by a knowledgeable mechanic. Our mechanics in Calgary, AB. are trained to diagnose heating system issues quickly and accurately to get you and your vehicle safely back out on the road even better equipped to face the seasonal elements. But why wait for the first inconvenience of the season to convince you to get your vehicle’s heating system serviced and repaired by an automotive mechanic? Regularly scheduled service and maintenance on your vehicle’s heating system will improve the heating system’s efficiency, keeping the internal environment of your vehicle comfortable and cozy—not to mention keeping your windshield clear of snow and ice. Welcome the winter knowing that your vehicle’s heating system is operating at maximum efficiency.

Your vehicle’s heating system utilizes excess heat from the engine, which would otherwise destroy the engine if not removed by your vehicle’s cooling system. The cooling system absorbs the excess heat through a coolant—a mixture of water and anti-freeze. Hoses carry the coolant from the engine to the radiator, where the heat is expelled into the outside air. Your vehicle’s heating system circulates the heated coolant to the heater core located in your vehicle’s dashboard, which then directs the warm air outflow into your vehicle’s interior compartment. This important cycle depends on the heater hoses that carry the coolant from the engine to the heater core where the heat can finally warm the inside of your vehicle.

During a heating system diagnostic, our mechanics will check your vehicle for common issues such as a leaky radiator or heater hose, a vacuum leak, heater valve failure, fan motor failure, heater core failure, or a stuck thermostat. Why bother brushing up on the techniques required to troubleshoot your vehicle’s heating system? Leave the routine auto heating system repairs and maintenance us. Our staff can offer the best and most affordable heating system options for your vehicle in Calgary, AB.

Our facility is equipped with the specialized tools required for speedy and accurate maintenance and repairs on your car or truck. Why leave this kind of work and care in the hands of an amateur? Our mechanics know the ins and outs of heating systems and will perform a thorough diagnostic on your car or truck’s heating system. Schedule an appointment or contact us for a quote on an auto heating system diagnostic for your car or truck immediately.


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