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Heating System Service

Let’s face it: No one likes driving while freezing inside a cold vehicle. Don’t wait for the first…Heating System Service


The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides heating system services to customers in Calgary, AB. In the coldest months of winter, your vehicle’s heating system can seem like a lifesaver against the bitter cold. The condition of your vehicle’s heating system can diminish slowly, with the first warning sign of impending failure being an increased amount of time in altering the internal temperature of your vehicle. If you can’t feel the heat, don’t bother driving another mile. Check in with one of our mechanics in Calgary, AB.who can diagnose the problem quickly and accurately, and get your vehicle back out on the road.

But why wait until your chattering teeth tell you its time to have your vehicle’s heating system serviced and repaired by an automotive mechanic? Regularly scheduled service and maintenance on your vehicle’s heating system will improve the heating system’s efficiency, keeping the internal environment of your vehicle feeling comfortable and cozy—not to mention clearer windshield visibility. Your vehicle’s heating system is your primary line of defense against snow and ice on the windshield in the winter.

Heating systems can be tricky, but our mechanics in Calgary, AB know all the twists and turns. Your vehicle’s heating system is responsible for removing excess heat from the engine, keeping the engine operating at efficient temperatures, and regulating engine temperatures as soon as possible after starting your vehicle. The heating system is responsible for keeping your vehicle’s engine operating at efficient temperatures in all kinds of weather.

Your vehicle’s heating system utilizes excess heat from the engine, which would otherwise destroy the engine if not removed by your vehicle’s cooling system. The cooling system absorbs the excess heat through a coolant—a mixture of water and anti-freeze. Hoses carry the coolant from the engine to the radiator, where the heat is expelled into the outside air. Your vehicle’s heating system circulates the heated coolant to the heater core located in your vehicle’s dashboard, which then directs the warm air outflow into your vehicle’s interior compartment. This cycle depends on the heater hoses that carry the coolant from the engine to the heater core where the heat can finally warm the inside of your vehicle.

Common issues plaguing faulty heating system components involve a leaky radiator or heater hose, a vacuum leak, heater valve failure, fan motor failure, heater core failure, or a stuck thermostat. But don’t bother brushing up on the techniques required to troubleshoot your vehicle’s heating system. Leave the routine auto heating system repairs and maintenance to our knowledgeable mechanics at our location in Byron, MN. Our staff can offer the best and most affordable heating system options for your vehicle in Calgary, AB.

There’s no reason to wait for a failure in your vehicle’s heating system to create bigger travel issues during the coldest months of winter. Schedule an appointment or visit our location in Calgary, AB. for our auto heating system repair service. Our facility is equipped with specialized car and truck heating system tools and staffed with knowledgeable mechanics to help ensure that your vehicle heating system functions at maximum efficiency.

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